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  1. BillsonChang007
    IMG_0773.JPG IMG_0771.JPG IMG_0787.JPG At first I thought I won't like the red/black combo. Turned out pretty good and matchy for my red Alpha Dog!
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  2. NTK1
    Did you sleeve each individual wire? If so what size wire did you use and where did you get the sleeve?
  3. BillsonChang007
    Yeap I sleeve em one by one. Got them both off ebay. the sleeve is a paracord 2mm. And the cable is a 24AWG pure copper silver cable
  4. Allanmarcus
    Can you post a link to the wire?

    Was the wire insolated? If not, is paracord enough insulation?
  5. BillsonChang007
    It is insulated. Paracord was just for style only. Here's the link to the similar* product I bought bought mine long ago and I can't find the seller on Ebay during my short search.

    The sleeve diameter is kinda small even for the cable. Make sure you straighten the cable as much as you can to easily sleeve in. Sound wise, I like it better than AD's stock canare cable. Cleaner, wider and deeper soundstage most importantly even tighter bass and better mids
  6. BillsonChang007
    Built another pair of RCA to go with my AD cable earlier :D (ran short of red paracord turns out 1 red and 3 black looks even killer!)
  7. Dinnr
    Looks very nice, do they sell thinner ones? A little too wide for me.
  8. Allanmarcus
    That is left as an exercise to the student (to discover one that fits your needs).

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