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  1. jjinh
    For Sale
  2. Pettnolf
    I am very much interested in buying your amp! Is it the mk1 or mk2?
    Also, is the bias adjusted after the tubes have been changed?
    Thanks in advance!
  3. jjinh
    In reply to the PMs I have received regarding postage I will reiterate here that I am currently looking for a 'local' sale that does not involve shipping of the amp.
    Thanks for your interest! :)
  4. jjinh
    This is the first version of the SRM-007t. The mk2 looks different as it has only 2 sockets for headphones, and that it only takes pro biased headphones.
    And yes the amp is properly biased.
  5. jenelsonca
    OK then, i guess it's too complicated to sell here, so I listed my STAX SRM-007t on e-bay, not even sure what this is, but posted it as $499.
  6. duncan1
    Doing the conversion to £bp sterling. Thats a bargain for somebody  even if it is the MK1.
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