1. BlackSushi222
    Looks like we all started with Skullcandy Ink'd haha. I still have mine and they work fine.
    But like u, I also decided to move away from IEMs.
    U might wanna check out my review I recently wrote.
    It's about the JVC HA-S650s, and I got em for 39 Euros. In the USA it should be cheaper.
    So far, pretty satisfied with them since they fit my needs exactly.
  2. AudioTroll
    the aurvana  I mean is the creative aurvana live,
    I know the price in sweden is about 90-100$ but on sale I´m sure you can find them alot cheaper.
    still use the drivers of my old portapro´s  sewn in to a headband,perfect for the gym and such fo rme :)
    creavtive ep-630 is a nice budget inear you could consider, I abuse my phones and they held up almost to years.
    sounded nice enoughf to for my needs to.
  3. walkemskies

    idk then haha. i'm not much of an audiophile so anything clear is good to me. the akg k81 looks pretty neat, maybe when the price goes down i'll cop.  i think the portapros look really weird, haha. if anything i'm considering the ksc75.
    i can't find the flats for anything under 15..
    i've gone through at least 4 pairs of IEMs, probably around 7 actually. the problem is the wire always breaks at the connector part, so one bud goes out. every time. thanks though

    i actually can't find the lives for anything under 90. the ep-630 looks pretty good, i'm just scared they'll do the one-bud thing to me like every other pair of IEMs i've had.. haha thanks though.


    i've gone through 3-4 pairs of inkds. i don't know what im doing wrong.. it's that one-bud thing every time. 
    thanks, i'll consider those too.

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