V-MODA Remix Remote In-Ear Noise-Isolating Metal Headphone with 3-Button Apple Control (Rouge)

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  1. gahthatscute
    "I,pressive performance, especially for the price"
    Pros - Relatively balanced sound signature (bass heavy though), well constructed, and does a pretty good job of being a "universal fit"
    Cons - relatively heavy, remote volume controls don't work with Android deivces
    V-Moda is well known for having amazing construction while delivering slightly bass heavy audiophile grade headphones, but they also make in ear headphones. And the story is the same with these. The sound signature actually reminded me of a cross between the LPs and the M100s (which I personally own) and just like all of their headphones these offer a relatively balanced sound signature with a slight bass boost. If I had to nitpick at the way these sound I would have to say that at high volumes (higher than I normally listen) the upper mid range sounds slightly distorted, but for $79 these offer very good sound. Comfort and fit is a must for me with earphones since I workout and run with them, and in these departments this earphone doesn't dissappoint at all. And on top of that they offer really great noise isolation. Just like all of V-Modas products this feels exceptionally well built, the only downside being that they are a bit on the heavy side. If you're in the market for slightly bass heavy in ear headphones for under $100 then I would highly reccomend these.