Unique Melody 3X Hybrid IEM

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  1. fnkcow
    "Capable Hybrid IEM"
    Pros - Cable, bass, build quality
    Cons - Treble, sensitivity to bad recordings, comfort issues
    Big thanks to djvkool for generously lending me his personal unit for reviewing.
    *I listen at relatively high volume, so my impressions will be based on this. Please be aware that there are differences in impressions at high volume and lower volume as noted by several members.
    Setup: Samsung Note 3 (Neutron app) > Meier Corda PCStep. No EQ applied.

    Superb shell quality with clear housings, could clearly see the insides at the drivers and tubings. Very appealing to look at and nice to the touch. 
    Braided cable is good with little microphonics. Cable cinch and Y-split are made of clear plastic tubes which holds on much sturdier than normal standard ones.
    Hard metal carry case is really solid. 
    Probably that I have small ears (with shallow yet large ear canals, weird huh), similar fit issues with svyr. UM 3X would not fit flush in the ear but would protrude outwards. Hence isolation is average and comfort isn't great. Driver flex experienced in both ears with silicone tips. 
    Bass hits hard with good sub bass rumble and decay. Bass mask a bit of detail on some songs, but is otherwise well textured and full bodied. 
    Detailed mids with a tinge of warmth, forward with great transparency, clarity and resolution. Since I listen a lot to female vocals, upper mid-range hump causes voccal sibilance which is too prominent for my taste. 
    Lower treble a bit sharp for me especially on poorly mastered recordings. Upper treble is smooth and extends well. 
    Imaging and Soundstage:
    Soundstage is wide and high, with 3D imaging. Gives the feeling of being surrounded in the centre of the performance. Good separation between instruments.
    Since I listen at high volume and don't wish to EQ, UM 3X is not for me. However this doesn't mean it won't be suitable for others, as YMMV, especially for those who listen at lower volume. The UM 3X is a very capable hybrid IEM and definitely caught my interest in keeping tabs on the future development of hybrid IEMs!