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SoundPEATS Q29 Wireless Earbuds

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  1. Peddler
    "SoundPEATS Q29 Wireless Earbud Review"
    Pros - Good price. Very light. Decent Fit. Reasonable sound. Good connection (eventually)
    Cons - Suffers occasional break up when walking.
    I am an enthusiastic headphone user - generally I prefer the more intimate sound than what you get from loudspeakers - I’m sure anyone who shares a house with their family understands. I recently have been reviewing a number of bluetooth headphones which, although generally cannot match the sound quality of conventional wired headphones, do offer some definite advantages - namely freedom of movement and usually controls for playback and volume on the headphones themselves.


    The SoundPEATS Q29 is a bluetooth stereo earbud type headphone. Completely wireless and designed to fit comfortably in your ear. Although they are constructed in lightweight plastic they do have a high quality feel to them and should last some time assuming you don’t sit on them or anything. The Q29’s come supplied with a carry case which charges the headphones when they’re not being used. The case itself features a standard micro USB port which can be charged using a conventional charger (note that SoundPEATS do not recommend you use a higher amperage charger for this).


    The headphones themselves have two LEDs which indicate charge status and, when charged, the lights go out. Each headphone features a multi-function button which offers the following functions:-

    Answer Call/Hang Up Call
    Power On/Off
    Track Skip Forward
    SIRI/OK Google

    One thing to note is that the phone functions only work on the right hand earbud - multimedia control is accessible through either earbud. Also, when making phone calls, only the right earbud is active. One thing you can’t do with the Q29 is control the volume. This can to be done on your phone and you should note that the number of steps in the volume control is coarse - no fine control here.


    Fit is excellent. Once in, they stay in. I ended up using the largest tips in order to get the maximum isolation and comfort. One problem I did have is that it’s too easy to press the multi-function button when inserting them in your ears.


    The Q29’s come supplied in attractive packaging and come supplied with three different sized rubber tips and a short USB cable for charging and a minimal instruction manual. Although they came charged I did put the case on charge with the headphones fitted to ensure they had a maximum charge before listening.


    The sound quality of these headphones is actually rather surprising. The bass is fairly deep - if slightly lumpy and the treble is quite recessed. This makes for a pleasant non offensive sound which definitely has the advantage of being easy on the ear and allows for long listening sessions without fatigue. Where the sound really works well though is in the mids - female vocals come across nice and clear and there's no hard edges - again this makes the sound non-fatiguing.

    For their price and fairly unique form factor they are quite impressive. It’s fair to say that the sound quality can’t compare to a pair of wired headphones. Their bluetooth performance is not as good as that found on headphones like the V-Moda Crossfade Wireless but in all fairness they are much larger and considerably more expensive. The SoundPEATS Q29’s sound is clear, distortion free (within the bandwidth limitations of the bluetooth protocols they’re using) and non-fatiguing. This is definitely something I look for in a pair of headphones and it allows for longer listening sessions.


    Assuming you don’t have any problems regarding the wireless connection (my phone still doesn’t work as well as my Samsung Galaxy Tab S tablet when it comes to dropouts) - this is perhaps more an issue with my particular phone than the headphones themselves but obviously this form factor really is designed for portable use when out and about so I think it’s important that your phone doesn’t suffer with dropouts.

    With this in mind I give the Q29’s a high recommendation (albeit guarded). Their performance when using my tablet is excellent - a good solid bluetooth connection with no dropouts but when used with my particular phone (Motorola G4 running stock Android) it did suffer with dropouts and spoil the experience somewhat but I can’t help thinking that this is more to do with my phone because the wireless performance when using my tablet is flawless.


    After much re-setting of headphones and purging the SoundPEATS Q29’s from all my other devices and re-pairing the left and right buds several times I have finally managed to get a really good connection with my mobile phone. Previously I couldn’t ever get through a complete track without it skipping - after all this messing around I appear to have finally got a stable connection which has resulted in my using these headphones a lot more recently. It’s incredibly liberating to be truly wireless. I certainly am comfortable recommending them at the price they sell at (assuming you don’t experience bluetooth connection problems).



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