The HP150 is a closed back circumaural audiophile headphone with large 53mm precision tuned...

SoundMAGIC HP150 Premium Full Size Folding Headphones

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  • The HP150 is a closed back circumaural audiophile headphone with large 53mm precision tuned drivers.

    A rubber coated earcup aids isolation, keeping listening private. With a single-sided replaceable straight cable and pivoting earcups, the HP150 could be utilised by audiophiles or as monitoring headphone for DJs and studio professionals. The high level of noise isolation is superb.

    The full size earcups with soft earpads cover the ear completely, without applying any pressure to the ear itself, making the HP150 comfortable to wear for extended listening periods.

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  1. gallegoajg
    "Great Headphones"
    Pros - Comfortable, clear sound, good low and crystal highs
    Cons - Can get hot after long periods of use, proprietary cable (solution!), circular ear pads
    I have read a lot of reviews on these headphones and decided to try them out as one of my first good pair of closed back's. I currently also  own the HD 598 SE.
    Low end
    The low end/sub bass on these are terrific for those who like a good bass but are not bassheads. They have a good umph in the sub bass, are tight well controlled and not bloated. I was very surprised about how good the low end on these were!
    The mids are clear but you can tell some vocals are ever so slightly recessed. Very slight V shape but borderline neutral. 
    The highs are bright and found them too bright when first listened to them, but after hours of burning they have sounded more controlled. Though the brightness doesn't take away from the quality at all. Just those treble sensitive may want to give them a try before purchasing. 
    One of the problems I've research about this headphone was the propriety cable and how bad it was. I found an adapter that solves all problems! (link below). This adapter connects from male 3.5mm to female 3.5mm and is thin enough to fit through the proprietary locking mechanism! (woot). If you have these headphones and don't want to physically mod to mess with warranty, these are definitely a great option. 
    USA (
    CAD (
    Amazing headphones for the price. Would highly recommend them to anyone looking for budget (<$150) headphones. I would personally say they sound better than the m40x because of the better low end (tested my brother's pair). If you do get these headphones I would also highly recommend getting the attachment cable for 5-10 bucks!
  2. The Third
    "Best closed headphones around 200$ BUT they will break on you, sooner than later."
    Pros - Sub-bass, attacking detailed mids, immense detail and control in highs, unbeatable soundstage in closed headphone, most energetic headphone I've heard
    Cons - The cup holder WILL break on you in time. SOUNDMAGIC MUST REDESIGN HEADPHONE. (But they did give me a replacement, good customer service!)
    These headphones sound so magical, that you don't want anything to be wrong with them. Sadly, these use a terrible material on the cup holders. I treated them like babies, dropped them once and there went my 200 euro investment. I ask Soundmagic to kindly update both the HP100 and HP150 ear cups material with the same aluminium material they used on their new Vento headphone. No one wants to buy expensive headphones and baby sit them like they could break at any moment. 
    I send mines in for replacement. 

    *Will keep updating in the interest of time
  3. Deebrewski
    "Really Fun Closed Headphone"
    Pros - Almost flat frequency response, crisp without sibilance
    Cons - Ear cups are not deep at all, gets a little hot, CABLE!
    I'm going to keep it short and just add things I thing people either want of need to know about these headphones.
    I've had these for nearly 6 months and have used them for about 35-40% of my total daily listening time (the other 60% is with my Grado SR325e).
    Here are the things i want to mention:
    1. They are generally built well. There are a few exceptions though. One of the hinges that let the ear cups rotate along your head(the circular thing on the side of the headphone) is much more difficult to swivel than the other one and makes a weird sound. They don't seem to be in any danger of breaking though, and I don't personally use that adjustment. I really can't see anybody using that adjustment at all except for one click to change the place the headband sits on your head. The actual "DJ style" 90 degree sort of positioning is uncomfortable because it puts all the pressure on a tiny corner of the ear cup.
    2. The frequency response is flat except for the bass, which is boosted a bit. It's not so much that it makes the bass sound muddy, but it's just enough to make a lot of song sound way more fun. It also does't disrupt the sound of songs that aren't supposed to have a ton of bass, and they don't sound bloated in any way. 
    3. I have a couple of issues regarding the cable. First it is extremely stiff and often pushes other things out of the way, such as the iFi nano iCAN it was connected to. I've even had it knock a full sized plastic drinking glass off of my desk. Thankfully it was almost empty. The cable is way more noticeable than the Grado cable, which is one of the thickest things on the planet. The cable is also too short. I'd have liked it to be maybe another two or three feet longer. As it is, the cable is maybe 4 feet long (just my estimate) and the extension cable the HP150s come with is useless. It makes the sound totally crap. I've tried it in several applications including from my iCAN, from the back of my piano, from my receiver, from my iPhone... It just sounds like crap. The sound is similar to if you don't plug a jack in all the way and you only get half the sound. 
    4. One more smallish thing. The ear cups are not deep at all. I have a small head and ears and they touch the padded fabric at all times. It only bothers me after an hour or so or when I'm lying down.
    Even though a really only mentioned bad things about the HP150s, I really do think they are better than their price would indicate and am very happy with them. Sound quality is what counts for me, and these things deliver in that department. Thats why I enjoy them.

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