SoundLink® Bluetooth® Mobile Speaker II - Leather

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  1. Ragncajn
    "Bose SoundLink"
    Pros - Portable, Battery Life, Sound Quality, Materials
    Cons - Volume, Muddy and distorted at high volume, Multiple source issues.
     Santa was ready for me to force feed my taste in tunes to the public this year and gifted me this little gem. The Bose Soundlink is my first Bose system and when paired with my ipad or iphone its a real treat for small gatherings or just chilling on the back porch. The sound quality at low to mid volumes is on par, the battery life is good, and fit and finish are clean.
     It seams to have a little trouble connecting if you use more than one source, and at higher volumes you will strain the power or speakers causing the lows to mud up and distortion to take over. But hey, this thing will sound like you're packing subs at moderate volumes. Worth the cash..?.Probably was to Santa.