Skullcandy Smokin' Buds Headphones Black, One Size

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  1. jamo97
    "skullcandy smokin buds review :("
    Pros - the sound quality is decent, thats about it.
    Cons - they are not durable, the mic does not work, and the pause/play button doesnt work.
    when i first ordered the headphones i got the mic'd version, it was suppose to have flat cables to, it also was suppose to have a working pause/play button.
    the mic does not work with my zune, it didnt have flat cables like it said they would it had regular cables, the pause/play button didnt work on my zune either, it didnt specify that the button and mic only work on ipods like it does on some headphones.
    ok lets get to the real problem. when i got the headphones after a day or so i had already realized that this was a bad purchase, i also realized when i wiggled the uncomfortable headphones in my ears they wouldnt make noise sometimes. i thought this was just because they werent positioned right in my ears. it turns out that it was something in the headphones or with the cables.
    the uncomfortableness problem didnt help with the three different sizes of bud thingies. for the price i couldve got some sennheisers like i should have in the first place. i am currently ordering sennheiser hd 238s that ive heard good things about im getting them on amazon new cheaper than regular price, and these senn's that im getting are much more expensive than these.
    i can say that i will never buy skullcandy headphones again.
    i hope this helped if your thinking about getting these specific ones or if your getting any skullcandy headphones.