Tuned to deliver accurate audio reproduction and featuring an adjustable headband with collapsible...

Shure SRH 440 Professional Studio Headphones

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  • Tuned to deliver accurate audio reproduction and featuring an adjustable headband with collapsible construction, the SRH440 offers a mix of professional sound quality and comfort ideal for recording and monitoring. The ear cushions and cable are replaceable and the SRH440 includes a carrying pouch and threaded ¼-Inch adapter.

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  1. sunnyheadcase
    "Great sound and very comfortable"
    Pros - Good bass and high end response. Isolation is wonderful. Best for the price range
    Cons - Headband pleather deteriorates easily, over driving can be extremely harsh.
    I bought these headphones while on the road to a field record because I had left mine in a hotel room a few hundred miles away. These were the best a local music store carried and to my surprise they far exceeded my expectation.
    I had been using SONY headphones almost exclusively up until I picked these up and although there is a small learning curve to the way they sound, I feel like they are some of the best headphones available when listening to single sound sources like just vocals or particularly in sound design. The isolation provided by wearing them is a remarkable step above most headphones I've used in this price range, providing comfortable isolation to outside sounds as well as not making you completely deaf to the rest of the world. The removable and swap-able cable makes switching from a studio environment to a field environment a pleasure with both long straight and curly cords available, and in general the gauge of the cord is nice and beefy in comparison to some even higher end models. 
    These have become a go-to headphone for whenever I am out in the field or on a sound stage trying to capture sound that I can tell will be useful in the studio later.
    I ended up wrapping the headband in grip tape to prevent further deterioration and flaking.
    I would 100% recommend these to anyone in this price range and I have put SHURE down as a company to watch for headphones in the future.
  2. Thymen Frederik
    "Nice headphone for beginning audiolovers"
    Pros - nice soundstage (for a closed headphone), well balanced, nice bass
    Cons - earpads aren't very soft, sometimes a little too bright
    Hello everyone,
    First of all I would like to say that this is my first review of a headphone and I am also really new to audio-loving, but I'll try my best :D
    The Shure SRH 440 comes with a detachable 3 meter coiled cable, a 3.5 mm to 6.3 mm adapter and a carrying pouch.
    I got these cans as a birthday gift and I really like them. They are well balanced, but lean a little to the bright side, which isn't always bad in this case.
    When I listened to the Mr. Nobody soundtrack I was able to hear a nice amount of detail and it sounded very bright. Sometimes even a little too bright.
    After listening to some music with a little more bass, I noticed that the bass is nice and a little punchy, maybe not as punchy as some people want, but it is defenitly enjoyable.
    Another thing I noticed was that this headphone has a nice soundstage for a closed-back headphone in this price-range. Certainly bigger than the ATH-M40X I compared them too.
    Of course it's soundstage isn't as big as that of an open headphone, but you can't really expect that.
    This is where these cans start to shine a little less. The earpads are nice when you get this headphone out the box, but they degrade rapidly. I have this headphone for a month and already the earcushions
    are starting to dry out, but this could be because I don't properly maintain my headphones. 
    The Shure SRH 440, sits decently comfortably on my head and it isn't too heavy. 
    One thing I noticed is that this headphone slides off my head when I look up or lie down.
    These cans are nice for beginning audiolovers (like me), they sound nice, but aren't extremely comfortable. They are fit for portable listening and isolate enough sound to ride a bus with.
    I would recommend the Shure for people who like to listen to classical and jazz, but they do well with any genre.
  3. donniefalcone
    "Great studio headphones ( for the money )"
    Pros - Excellent mids, clear and crisp sound, great price
    Cons - Not neutral sounding, somewhat uncomfortable.
    First of all, I have bought these headphones exactly one week ago. I have upgraded to these from my Superlux 668b. I will do a review now, and update it after another couple of weeks worth testing.
    Shure SRH440 headphones come in nicely built box. Inside you can find your warranty, information and safety sheet, leather carrying pouch ( I like it a lot ),3m coil cable and 6.5 mm adapter, and headphones. 
    There is nothing more to say about packaging , so I will now talk about some more important things.
    First impressions:
    When I took Shure SRH440 headphones out of the box,I was amazed at how good they felt in my hand ( when compared to Superlux 668b headphones ). SRH440 is a bit heavy, some people find this to be a bad thing, but I am a fan of heavy stuff, so the weight didnt bother me at all.  Once I put them on my head, they felt very nice and comfortable but not as comfortable as my previous Superlux headphones.
    All in all, I was satisfied.
    If you are looking for extreme comfortability, Shure srh440s are not for you. They feel great on my head, clamping force is not too strong, my ears are not touching the drivers, even though the pads are quite shallow. But, there is a problem. My head starts hurting after 2+ hours of wearing these headphones, which is something I didnt experience with Superlux headphones. I will definitely upgrade 440 pads to 880 pads, and that will provide me greater comfort and give me a  little bit better bass, and warmer sound. I would suggest you do the same if you are going to wear these headphones for extended periods of time.
    Build quality:
    Even though these cans felt great in my hands when I first got them, I cant get rid of the feeling that I will easily break them. They are made from good quality plastic, and the plastic feels quite nice to touch, and I'm sure it cant be broken easily, but , as I said, I cant seem to shake off the feeling that I will break them if I apply the lightest force to them.  
    Sound quality:
    When it comes to sound quality, boy, do these headphones deliver. I was simply stunned while listening to some songs, my jaw fell to the floor. I could basicly hear every single note that has been played. Mids and highs are crisp and clear while bass is a little bit lacking, for my taste. Even though all studio monitoring headphones should sound neutral, these are not that neutral sounding. They tend to boost treble a little bit.  I love songs produced by Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards, and their songs have one of the bass+guitar parts I have ever heard in my life, and listening to some of their songs on these headphones made me say WOW. Guitar sound was absolutely amazing, so much better than on 668b superlux heaphones, bass was also great , but it could have been better. 
    Even though these headphones can be folded , and carried around in the provided pouch, they are not to be used outside of your home or recording studio. At least in my opinion. You can do whatever you want with your headphones, you can even wear them in a swimming pool for all I care. But if you wear these headphones in public you'll get a lot of strange looks because these headphones look really big on your head. When my girlfriend saw me, while I was wearing these headphones, she said I looked like an astronaut. Weird comparison , yeah I know. 
    Great headphones with great price, and even better sound. They will be very uncomfortable for some people, yet for some, they will be very comfortable. It all depends on your head and ear shape. If you have these headphones, upgrade to 880 pads and you'll get even better sound and greater comfort . ( A friend of mine did this to his 440s,and I borrowed them for comparison, so I know what I am talking about ) . 
     All in all, these are some really good headphones, and you should definitely check them out.
    -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  I hope you like this review, I am a beginner reviewer and English is not my native language, so please have some understanding. Thank you for reading. :)

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