Sennheiser Adidas PMX 680i Sports Headset

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  1. wibblewobble
    "Work well, didn't last"
    Pros - comfy, work well with iPhone
    Cons - durability
    so they worked, but didn't last.
    :frowning2: the rubber ear pads would fall off.  I was continually looking for the pads.  You can buy spares, but only in packs of 5 pairs for $25 from specified Sennheiser dealers.  Do poor design that they could fall off.
    :frowning2: the strain relief on the connector didn't work.  eventually, the cable split under the strain relief.  A 'sports' model designed with specific iPhone features should be able to withstand being in a pocket.
    :frowning2: the screwheads rusted.  They are a 'sports' model designed to withstand sweat.  Ya coulda used some stainless steel screws guys...
    :frowning2: One of the speakers started rattling.  I don't really listed to load music, but they started rattling and the audio quality deteriorated.
    So they did me great for the first year and I loved them at first.  But they really were not durable enough.    It seems that Sennheiser have now replaced the model with a new PMX685i.