PureGear 36322PURE Pure Beats Premium Stereo Headset with In-Line Microphone

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  1. AHorseNamedJeff
    "TOO MUCH BASS!!!"
    Pros - Decent sound, good comfort, fantastic isolation
    Cons - waaaay to much bass, burn in did nothing
    i bought these buds several months before being introduced to the Hi-Fi community, so i had no idea what to expect. they look quite snazzy, reviews were good, so i clicked "buy" on amazon. they arrived, and i immediately started jamming out. i loved them, and wore them 24/7. my friend mentioned a 'burn in' so i googled it, and gave it a whirl with 20 hours of Dream Theater, Rush, and Iron Maiden. I picked them up the next day, put them in my ear and nothing had changed. at all. i kept loving them for a good 5 months till i ordered my Sennheiser HD518's for my birthday. I LOVED the senns, they sounded IMMENSELY better, and i wore THOSE 24/7. i put the buds back in, because we had to go out to do errands, and realized just how heavy the bass is. the bass was pushing all the other parts of the music just right off the stage. i'd never noticed, because id never had anything to compare. these would be perfect for a bass head, but for someone who want clean, BALANCED sound, stay away from these.