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  1. shaunccxr
    "Very good build quality, soild sound and wide soundstage"
    Pros - good quality and doesn't look Chinese built, powerful, solid mid range and detail
    Cons - Very heavy, no balanced input
    A very good tube amplifier for people who have limited budget but searching well built products. I would have thought the quality may be so so since it is a new Chinese brand but they proved me wrong, it weights 22kg and every pieces of metal, and sockets are well built and came with a full aluminium remote. 
    I have only run this for 10 hours and the first impression is the amp provides a huge amount of power, it sounds warm but at the same time it is not clumsy like some others.
    Very dynamic mid range and fulfilling vocal voice, bass is fair, not very much in terms of quantity but bouncy and deep
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