Incase Sonic Headphones

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  1. Earsopenmusicon
    "Intercourse for the Ear"
    Pros - Extremely comfortable and adjustable, fit almost any head type. Sound quality is superb for its price range. Excellent style/weight.
    Cons - Leaks sound.
    Okay so I picked these headphones up after having sony's piiq's (on-the-ears)  they were liek a 60 dollar set, not bad.  Good sound quality for that price range but rather uncomfortable and let sound in so I wanted an over-the-ear pair.  These are a stylish, inexpensive if purchased through the right place), and very high quality set.  They have excellent sound quality for the price tag, I picked mine up for 80 bucks.  They are superb in comfort.  Feel like little pillows surrounding your ears.   They do leak sound rather badly but unless you are sitting in a library that isn't really a problem.[​IMG]  If you are like me and want a middle of the road price tag for superb quality and performance.  Give these headphones a chance, you will not be dissappointed.
  2. yosister
    Pros - Superb design and comfort, durable, attractive, functional, sound good, great panning.
    Cons - highs and lows.
    I recently bought two pairs of Incase Sonic headphones for my cousins, and I got a chance to try one of the pairs out before delivering the gifts (I stealthily cut the box open with a razor blade- only a forensics expert could ever tell!).  Anyways, to say I was impressed was an understatement.
    As many reviewers have already said, the highs were a bit shrill and pipey.  Some have suggested that this may be as a result of the titanium drivers, but I think it's because of the shel-like closed plastic build.  Whatever it is, it is not a significant enough problem to dissuade me from buying them, since they only cost $150.
    The bass is punchy and fun but not accurate.  These would be horrible for studio work.  They are superb, however, for on-the-go listening, travel, and school.  No worries though, the bass is not mk2-esque!  We're not talking crappy Beats by Dre here, just a little bit too much oomph to be neutral in any way shape or form.
    Mids are fine, not good or bad, just the sort of quality you would expect at this price.
    SOUNDSCAPING.  Holy cow.  These headphones are like an opera house full of drummers hanging off the ceiling.  Not only does the panning assign polar locations to sounds around my head, the panning also gives sound depths of up to about a half foot- very impressive for a closed headphone!  What this means is that a certain sound might be exactly 20 degrees to my right and 1/4 of a foot out, or something like that.  So the panning is very good.
    DESIGN: These are superbly designed.  They are more comfortable than most pillows.  I have a huge head and I feel no pressure while wearing them.  They seem tough to me, besides the exposed wires.  And they're pretty.  Huge win for Incase!