Project Ember is the current flagship hybrid amplifier and preamp by Garage1217. It can power...

Garage1217 Project Ember Hybrid Headphone Amplifier & Preamp

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  • Project Ember is the current flagship hybrid amplifier and preamp by Garage1217. It can power headphones and IEMs from 16 ohm to 600 ohm!

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  1. joespride
    "A near perfect solution for a headphone amp"
    Pros - Versatility / Adjustability / sound quality / size / power
    Cons - If forced to say there is a con it would be dust due to open design
    My Headphone amp journey to date has included Schiit, Audio Gd , Centrance, Garage Polaris, and Horizon 2, Ampsandsound SE84 and Kenzie, along with a couple headphone outs on various receivers.
    Of all the amps to date The ember has proven the most versatile and is somewhat chameleon like when it comes to the HUNDREDS of options for tube rolling,  IMHO the available adapters for use with the 6j5 and the 7193 tube varients take the Ember to a whole new level of SQ
    I am not big on all the audiophile terms batted around all I know is what I hear, and with the 6j5's in place I am taken back to my days of SET amps and Horn speakers.  In short if you are in the market for a headphone amp for about any headphone on the market I would recommend the Ember whole heartedly 
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  2. eris0xff
    "Excellent customizable tube rolling headphone amp / preamp"
    Pros - Allows customization of headphone impedance and tbe auto-biassing. Very clean
    Cons - Case could possibly reject more external RF?
    I have AKG K712 Pro headphones which are very fast and responsive, but need a good deal of drive.  This is where Project Ember really sings.  I used the default impedance settings combined with a new old stock Raytheon 12AX7 organ tube.  This is an amazing combo as the detailed warmth on the Ratheon perfectly compliments the sometimes over analytical K712.  The result is an extremely detailed yet warm listening experience. 
  3. DigitalFreak
    "Review: Project Ember Amp"
    Pros - Can be tweaked to your hearts content, a tube rollers dream come true. can drive a ton of different headphones no matter what the power requirements
    Cons - jumper clips can easily be lost,
    Video review below, enjoy [​IMG]
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