Ear Force Z6A True 5.1 Surround Sound PC Over Ear Gaming Headset with Mic

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  1. Chuck Canada
    "Not worth 100$ with the build quality."
    Pros - Comes with its own amp, Comfortable for extended use, Good sounding mic
    Cons - Lots...
    I owned a pair of the Z6A headphones and got them to replace my broken Turtle Beach HPA2 headphones. Lets just say I still wound up using the HPA2's two weeks after the Z6A's arrived.
    Cons: Very poor sound quality, Cheep plastic parts that will brake, Notorious for having lose wires in the cans, The amp picks up interference from to much - ''modem's, router's, microwave and cellphone'' they all cause a buzzing sound in the headphones simply because of the poor quality amp that sits on your desk. 
    The build quality is so poor that the left can actually broke off of the arm 2 weeks after I had gotten the headphones, Needles to say I am not an Ogre and do not abuse my well earned and payed for equipment. When the can broke off I literally just put it back in the box, then in to the garbage and pulled my old HPA2's back out. 
    Sound quality: The true 5.1 surround sound I will admit in these Turtle Beach cans aren't that bad, it is more accurate then assimilated surround sound but at the loss of overall sound quality. The sound stage is actually not bad it sounds to me like the sound is coming from about 2 feet away from my head. For 100$ that's pretty good  I think, but the headphones themselves aren't.  The sub bass is very flat, the bass and mids are decent ''for the price'' and the treble is sharp, maybe even a bit bright.  
    Each can has a 40mm Sub, that kind off adds a bit of a punch but it still sounds flat. As well each can has a 30mm Front, Center and Rear speaker. These 30mm speakers are very tiny sounding to my ears and the front and center will drown out the rear sound so you will have to adjust for that either in your sound cards menu or by positioning the cans forward on your head. 
    My overall recomendation about these headphones is to honestly just pass on them, if you are looking for a low end surround sound gaming headset there are much better out there, some of the ones I own and or have tried are Logitech G35, Turtle Beach HPA2, Sennheiser HD 350.