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    "In Search for PERFECT SOUND - every audiophiles dream. "
    Pros - Flexibility. Tube rolling. Sound. Quality.
    Cons - BLUE LED LIGHT AND FEW CONCERNS that can be solved.

    Okay, so every audiophile or audio enthusiast I've met wants one of these and there is certainly a reason for it. Besides the fact that this thing just sounds incredible.....
    for many people, it is important and fun to change the signature of what they are hearing. BUT to do that we end up spending a lot on different types of headphones. BUT with these tube amp, something called "tube rolling" makes changing sound signature possible. Which is physically buying a new tube and changing it (not hard... its basically push and play). Call me crazy but tubes cost a lot less than headphones!


    okay, many of you probably stopped at the "ability to change sound signature" and is ready to buy it. That is totally fine because that itself is enough for people to buy this. BUT do check out the "concern" section to see where you should buy it to avoid all those concerns. Anyhow, the link to best seller with a lot of sale, promotions, FAST shipping (got mine in 5 days) & most important of all no need for concerns noted below because units are all tested:
    https://https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/DarkVoice-336SE-Headphone-Tube-Amplifier-neat-technics-headphone-amp/601461_630928527.html/ (they are also on aliexpress)
    ALSO contact them on their sales and they are flexible with prices and will help you get the best market price ! But forget the price... their units are at least flawless... from package to everything.



    I get this question a lot. Andddddd the answer in my opinion is HD600s & HD650s. BUT any high ohm headphone should be great with these. so I think its time to bring up the first concern. CONCERN #1: these are for high ohm headphones... BECAUSE of the way they are built. These are a 100% tube amp. This restriction is why hybrids were made perhaps.


    it is sturdy and made of metal/aluminum and that makes sense because these things get hot. But you have to realize... some people have misconceptions... they won't turn your room into a sauna or melt everything around it. Just don't touch it and you are fine.
    The blue LED light gets annoying sometimes but... atleast it tells you that its ON, some amps don't bother. Now the CONCERN #2: search darkvoice 336se smoke on youtube and you get plenty because sometimes they do smoke up. This is why you want to buy a GOOD unit from the RIGHT place... so that you don't get that dysfunctional one on youtube. note to yourself: buy from the seller I recommended, it will save you the trouble.




    Quarter inch jack headphone plug in in the FRONT
    RCA input and output in the back
    THE Power cord is sent compatible to your area, at least from the seller I got mine from.




    Important yet vague question in this case. WHY? because you can change that but let me tell you the sound with stock tubes (which are not the best tubes you can get).
    The base is definitely extended on my HD650s. Everything feels grand and relaxing. Vocals sound clear and perfect whether they are singing quietly or loudly, every details is there. Mids are great as usual on the HD650s with little improvement but that could be me convincing myself. The highs are more detailed but does not in any way hurt me ears. (if you know what I mean)


    the question I get the most. The correct answer would be "its your preference." My answer would be General Electric Tubes (watch z reviews tube rolling video). I used them and am very happy with how it sounds. (it sound clearer and deeper in all frequencies)

    Tube Used : 6N8P, 6N5P 
    Frequency: +/-1dB 10Hz~20kHz 
    Distortion: <=2% Output impedance: 32 to 600 ohm 
    Power handling capacity: 1W 
    Output terminal: 6.3mm Stereo Jack 
    Input terminal: RCA Jack 
    Power supply:  110V, 220~240V version (Note:110V will delay 3-5 days delivery)
    Case dimension: 290(L) *160(W) *135(D) mm 
    Gross weight: : 5.5kg

    Thanks for reading my review fully. SO in conclusion this amp is incredible in sound and flexibility but have few concerns that can be simply fixed by buying a tested unit from the buyer I recommended. Also I told them I would recommend them on my review because of their great service, so Mention that you were recommended by SOULSIK and they should give you the best price possible. Thanks again ! and check out my Instagram for more photos of the products I review ! https://www.instagram.com/jayzlee95


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    Video summary for reference:

  2. Shasari
    "Very good amp"
    Pros - Sound quality, tube rolling possibilities
    Cons - Stock supplied tubes are poor quality. Bright blue power LED
    I have owned the Darkvoice 336SE for a while now, and consider myself a discerning listener/audiophile. My listening setup consists of two KRK RP-5 studio reference monitors, and a KRK RP-10S, and for private listening I use a pair of Sennheiser HD 650 cans.
    I purchased the Darkvoice 336SE through Amazon, and it arrived from the seller in perfect condition. I had better tubes on the way, but I decided to try the stock tubes. Well, they weren't bad (as bad can be) but they weren't very good either. I replaced them with a NOS RCA 6AS7G and a new Electro-Harmonix 6SN7. Initially I had a loud hum from the 6SN7, but did the tube burn-in that was suggested in other threads and that took care of the hum in about 40 hours. Keeping the 6AS7G out of the loop while doing the burn-in of the other tube allowed the amp to run cool.
    I listen to a variety of music genres, from Mozart to Meatlof, Rolling Stones to Rachmaninoff, Hawaiian Slack Key to Nickelback, EDM (electronic dance music) to ... you get the point by now, I'm sure. I draw the line at Rap / Hip Hop - sorry, just personal preference. I have also played guitar, transverse flute and piano.
    So when I say this is a very good amp, and not just for it's price point, there's something there to back up my statements.
    I find this amp to be very pleasing to listen to, at any volume level. I haven't had to go much further than 1/4 throttle with the volume POT as it's got more than enough power to drive my cans, and provide good input to my KRK system. The lows are deep and rich, the midrange is spot on, rich and detailed. The highs are spectacular without being in-your-face bright. Very well balanced sound. I would suggest that anyone doubtful of the quality of this Chinese amp really give it a try with your favorite listening setup and good tubes before writing it off. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised, as I did.
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