Custom One Pro is just the beginning of a complete new product family from beyerdynamic "Custom...

Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro

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  • Custom One Pro is just the beginning of a complete new product family from beyerdynamic "Custom Series". The first truly customizable and interactive headphone in the world. The end user can change the sound, the style and the application any time after the purchase. Custom One Pro is the first model in the series for 2012. Designed and crafted in Germany by beyerdynamic for Pro Users, Consumers and Prosumers. Use with portable and professional devices. One headphone many applications. Change the sound, the style and the look. The CUSTOM series is one-of-a-kind, as it allows you to redesign and re-engineer your headphones at any time, making them the perfect match for whatever the situation or your mood demands. This is truly a product for the new headphone 2.0 generation.

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  1. 69Beyer
    "Damn Awesome"
    Pros - Quality in this prize category is awesome, Good for bassists if they need to hear a faint bassline, Extremely durable headband.
    Cons - The original pads hurt and make ears sweat, Their original cable was very weak.
    I personally thought these were a lame purchase after i had bought 'em. About a week later i just left my apartment and left them shouting out opeth and other metal with the bass in 4/4 position and the volume in 60% for the whole 48 hour weekend and immediately i could hear the bass even in the bass poorest position.
    I mainly listen to prog rock, metal. For those genres these have proven optimal but classical has a certain deepness in it too.
    In fact after giving these a good 50 hours (or more) of bloodbath was a good thing to do. Now even 2/4 of the bass sounds too much.
    These are pretty perfect headphones in this prize category (at least for non-classical enthusiasts) and are extremely durable.
    They are comfortably tight on ears and sound isolation works well.
    - I am using these with the velour pads of Beyerdynamic Dt660 phones. Others have complained that the original pads make these uncomfortable but this completely fixes that problem.
  2. Suraki
    "Comfortable "
    Pros - comfortable, easy listening, headset option
    Cons - Lack of tightness and fine details
    - Comfort (well built and padded with light weight)
    - Effortless listen (good for background music and forgiving with bad recordings)
    - Over the average soundstage (compared to other closed backs)
    - Headset option for gamers
    - Lack of tightness and fine details (dull for my ears)
    - Overpriced if you look at the SQ only
  3. Zero Decibels
    "Not For Vocal Lovers"
    Pros - CUSTOMIZABLE SOUND, Comfort, Sound Quality
    Cons - Not portable AT ALL, Ears get hot, Almost no accessories, Vocals VERY reccessed
    TL;DR: Don't be lazy and read it all
    Hey guys, Zero Decibels here with a review of the Beyer COPs, I got these for about 158$ from a local store. As usual, I'll be judging these from 4 aspects; Design, Build Quality, Comfort, Sound Quality
    Design (4/5)
    Nice design, especially with all the customizable stuff. Has potential to be the most colourful headphones if done right. Then why does it only has 4/5? Because these things are HUGEEEEEE! These are so big that you'll look dumb just wearing them. Combine that with the fact that these doesn't fold flat or inwards makes these cans have 0 portability. Which is weird, considering these are supposed to be portable.
    Build Quality (5/5)
    Made in Germany. Nuff Said.
    Comfort (5/5)
    The only good thing about having gigantic earcups are having amazing comfort. The earcups are really spacious and deep, so any kind of ears could fit, big or small. The padding is also very nice. They get hot quickly though.
    Sound Quality (4.5/5)
    Gonna split it out into the 4 positions
    Position 1: Sounds anemic. Almost no bass at all, only a tiny bit of mid bass. Clear mids and treble, but no body cuz of the lacking bass. This position IMO, is the worst among all 4.
    Position 2: More bass then pos. 1, but still lacks sub-bass. Better sounding overall, and great mids and treble.
    Position 3: Pos.2+sub-bass=Pos.3. My favorite overall.
    Position 4: Only bassheads need to apply. HEAD SHAKING BASS, but because of the huge bass, it slightly bleeds into the lower mids, making vocals EVEN MORE reccessed then before.
    Overall Sound: Very reccessed vocals, but great instruments. Great detail for its price, and AWESOME BASS (cept for pos.1). Not for vocal lovers since the vocals are recessed. GREAT ISOLATION, best I've heard in a circumaaural. Awesome for EDM. Could sound artificial at times so not really the best choice for classical lovers, but for people like me who love EDM, mainstream pop, and rock, these are really good.
    Misc: Only comes with a cable and an adaptor, no other accessories. 
    Well that's about it, thx for reading!
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