The K 44 are cost-efficient headphones for different applications, like Project Studios and Home...


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  • The K 44 are cost-efficient headphones for different applications, like Project Studios and Home Recording.
    These closed-back headphones are a true all-round performer with solid bass and clean highs at a value price.
    The AKG self-adjusting headband, leatherette ear pads, and gimbal suspension ensure good comfort.

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  1. Rhino73
    "For £15 they're great. Sound harsh at first but soon settle down."
    Pros - Very inexspensive nowadays, rich bass.
    Cons - Plasticky. But hey for £15.... meh
    Great for the price. I use mine with a Muse TU-20 HP amp and they sound great together.:)
  2. Matt3799
    "Excellent performance based on the price"
    Pros - Comfy fit, Overall volume gain is good
    Cons - Bass response is inaccurate and overcompensated
    I literally just picked a pair of these up from guitar center about an hour ago. I brought them home and compared them with my Rokit 6 monitors and cheap Senhieser HD 201 headphones. Immediately I noticed the bass response is too high and inaccurate, which is disappointing from a studio mixing point of view. Due to this I'd imagine these get a lot of good reviews based off the pyschoacoustic effect that louder is better. Overall, these would be great consumer headphones at a phenomenal price break, but clearly these are not for the true studio mixing engineer. 
  3. audiobobby
    "Excellent budget performer"
    Pros - Price, sensitivity, REALLY closed
    Cons - hard plastic on your ears, cheap feel
    Bought this one on a budget for home vocal and overall recording monitoring. Does a perfect job: decent clarity and dynamics, and even at volumes higher than any performer would ask for, they could sleep next to any large-diaphragm condenser without feedback. Also: very good audio quality on Ipods&pans or laptops, without any disturbance for your surroundings. Quite large for portable use though, and not really the best for long continuous use: hard plastic pads don't exactly cuddle your ears. Not for H-fi, but that was never the design intention... Does the job, and is better built than it looks. 

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