The K 702 are the new reference for open-back dynamic AKG headphones. They combine an extremely...

AKG K 702 Headphones

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  • The K 702 are the new reference for open-back dynamic AKG headphones. They combine an extremely accurate response with agility and spaciousness. This is achieved by using revolutionary flat-wire voice coils and a patented Varimotion? two-layer diaphragm. A totally open design and a high performance cable complete these reference headphones. Their comfortable, specially shaped ?3D-form? ear pads and a padded genuine-leather headband ensure a perfect fit. They are individually tested and numbered. K 702 ? experience pure perfection.

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  1. audiophilehe400
    "Great Product, Highly recommended"
    Pros - Comfortable, Light, Great quality, large soundstage
    Cons - Very Neutral
    These are my first pair of AKG headphones and I am very impressed. At first I was worried that the headband would not be comfortable, but surprisinly it is very soft. The sound stage is very large and impressive. I like that an amp is not needed for enjoyable listening, unlike my Hifiman headphones. The headphones are very neutral though, lacks energy. Would recommend because the sound is very clear though.
  2. PaulWilson
    Pros - very wide soundstage, detailed
    Cons - not much "below surface" detail, unnatural timbre, little bass impact and NOT neutral
    I can only conclude that, after several months trying to like this headphone, (and oh did I try) I just have to give up trying and admit that I don't like it.
    Fans of the AKG k702 (or the K70x or Q70x e.t.c.) series will tell you that, not only is the bass well textured and accurate, but that it has a "neutral" quantity of bass. I don't find that to be true. Unless the only instrument playing is, say, a bass drum, the K702 allows every other part of the spectrum to overwhelm the bass, causing it to lose all impact. You are not only supposed to hear the sound of a bass note but also feel (as close as that is attainable on a headphone) the impact.
    Take's definition of percussion:
    1. the striking of one body against another with some sharpness; impact; blow.
    The K702 has unnaturally recessed bass because it has no impact.
    Over 300 hours burn in and unfortunately no respite to the nasally, grating, chalkboard-like upper midrange. It also seems to make voices sound unnaturally thin, especially males. I tend to find it can complement female vocals to some extent yet gives males a kind of hollowed-out sound. 
    Probably the best-performing part of the spectrum but ironically perhaps it is slightly too warm. I seem to be justified in this claim when you notice the frequency plots you find online: a sharp drop in the top octave. This may be why I notice that the headphone does not seem to have much detail below the surface. Perhaps it is because the soundstage is diffuse (see below) and hence harder to pinpoint detail, but I frequently find, in complex passages at least, the HD 650 actually seems to offer more subtle detail.
    I was wowed at the beginning but gradually grew bored of it. It seems that everything is diffuse and fairly far away, not helping the sense of thin-ness. Sometimes I get the impression that it is too wide: as if there is only the centre, the far left, and today's GOP. Good for some classical music (though unfortunately the lack of bass does not give cellos e.t.c. any satisfying upper-base resonance) but not really much else.
    The headphone is certainly comfortable but not really snug enough in my opinion. It feels like it wants to slide off at any moment. As for the build quality, it hardly seems to be the sturdiest headphone in existence
    Problems aside it is actually worth the marked down prices you will often find on certain online retailers. It's a good headphone sure, but I just don't like it.
    Now of course a perfectly neutral headphone would be unforgiving on bad sources, mastering et cetera, but the K702 isn't neutral. It is unnaturally treble-heavy and bass-light. It is indeed unforgiving, but beyond the point of neutrality because of the treble emphasis. It is like an examiner who has a personal grudge against a student and will mark them down for minor faults
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  3. uncopy87
    "had this for a day"
    Pros - good soundstage
    Cons - too dry
    It was just alright. I wanted to look for something close to hd800 soundstage but cheaper. This one did not do for me.

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