Excerpt from http://www.aiaiai.dk/headphones/tma-2/tma-1.html The one-piece TMA-1 headband...

Aiaiai TMA-1

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  • Excerpt from http://www.aiaiai.dk/headphones/tma-2/tma-1.html

    The one-piece TMA-1 headband consists of a strong, durable and flexible nylon material, which provides full flexibility when wearing and positioning the headphones during DJing. The two different cushions can be changed easily with the click release function, so the headphones fit all situations – from a noisy club environment to just being on the road. The speaker is protected by the cushion plate with integrated filter and provides the richest sound that is available today along with the most durable driver technology. Finally, there is a 3mm cotton fiber filter for isolation and the headphone cup out of a resistant ABS material to protect the fragile parts. The 1.7 meter cable has a mini jack connection in both ends as well as a reinforced plug with a 1/8 adapter option. It has a 0.4 meter coil on the wire, which gives extra length and flexibility at the turntable.

    The name TMA-1 (Tycho Magnetic Anomaly-1) is taken from Arthur C. Clarke's science fiction novel "2001: A Space Odyssey" and refers to a black Monolith, which is extremely long-lived and reliable – just as the TMA-1.

    The box contains:
    2 sets of earpads
    a carrying pouch
    a booklet
    a 1.7 meter cable
    a 6.3 mm stereo plug converter.

    TMA-1 Specs:
    Transducer Principle: Dynamic, closed
    Driver Unit Size: 40 mm
    Impedance: 32±15% Ohm
    Load Rating: 0.1W
    Frequency Response: 20 to 20.000 Hz
    Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.3%
    Sensitivity: 110±3dB Weight w/o
    Cable: 190 Gram

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  1. LuSoto80
    "Great Sound vs Shure 840's"
    Pros - Everything
    Cons - Nothing
    I would just like to thank the sales girl that recommended me these after i returned my Shure 840's (THEY SUCK!!!) lol ok now for my review. I LOVE the overall clarity of these, PLUS the powerful bass. I use these babies on my FiiO E07K Portable Dac, connected thru micro usb on my Samsung Galaxy S3 playing my music on PowerAmp app ^_^ with a few tweaks of the EQ & i have these babies sounding like $1M lol playing 320kbps MP3's right now, but i can only IMAGINE how FLAC files sound :) BIG recommendation to all you Audiophiles & Head-Fis out there. Enjoy, i know i am
  2. DE Nefta
    "Aiaiai TMA-1 for heavy duty and comfortable to wear"
    Pros - Nice design, matt black color, comfortable to wear, durable and a nice all-round sound
    Cons - Heavy and long headphone cord
    A very all-round headphone for me. Just the right one to take on the go or on holiday. Also as a DJ, nice noice isolation. Very durable so you don't have to wonder if it will break if you throw it in your backpack.
    I'm very happy with it.

  3. alvincapalad
    "Aiaiai TMA-1, Pure breed DJ Headphones"
    Pros - These are DJ headphones designed by DJs
    Cons - None... unless you are using them as an Audiophile reference or a consumer headphone
    Today, I am reviewing my old partner at work, the Aiaiai TMA-1 "DJ" headphones and I am putting an emphasis on the word DJ. There have been many good reviews on this headphone, but none has actually pointed out to their true nature as DJ headphones.

    Remember from day 1, these headphones are designed by DJs for DJs, not for producers, not for general consumers, not for audiophiles. This is a pure DJ headphone, unlike the Sennheisers HD25s which caters a wider variety of professional uses like broadcasting and studio monitoring.

    So what's the main difference with other professional headphone monitors? These are designed and tested for the field which means mixing and DJing in a noisy club environment, not your silent-comfy-listening room or your bedroom DJ.

    Value: For an asking price of $199 for a professional equipment, it is competively priced.  You get a soft carrying case, although I would love to get a hard case since moving around heavy DJ equipment is a rough job. And, something as small as a headphone bag can be thrown around. You also get a removable coiled 1.7m cable which extends to 10 feet, very good professional use. A set of replacement pads with different flavors, a synthetic leather with foam and a mixed leather pads.

    Packaging is very well done, aesthetics is top notch; however, if the packaging cost you a hard case, I would rather have a hard case than a very nice box.
    Audio Quality: People have them compared to ATH-M50, but that doesn't give justice to this headphone. The ATH-M50s are a proper studio headphone and the TMA-1 is a proper DJ headphone. And, if you are to compare them with a headphone of the same class, then it should be the PRO700MK2.
    What is the perfect sound signature for DJing? It's dark sounding, and the TMA-1s offers you this listening experience which is very good for long listening, high volume tunes, beat-matching, and beat-counting. They aren't supposed to be as detailed as your studio monitors, as DJs we are more concerned with the pacing, the rhythm, and the beat.
    Lows: are very punchy, very good for beat-counting. Mids: well-controlled, has some forwardness into them, works well with your cue-points. Highs: are distant and recessed, they are made to sound like that since we play tunes at a high volume in noisy clubs which makes them non-fatiguing for long-use.
    Between the PRO700MK2s, they have softer and smoother bass, better controlled. The Audio-Technicas simply assaults your senses, they work well with electronic house. Both of them are pure breed DJ headphones, and aren't meant to be your casual bassy headphones.
    Design: Although this is a DJ headphone, there is no swivelling features. Some DJs do rest their headphones on the table and pick them up with one ear. Not a problem though, most DJs rests their headphone on the table because they are heavy and big, the TMA-1s are very light and small, and it goes unnoticeable.
    The band is covered with a rubbery material, it looks sleek but it can get chipped off on a very busy DJ booth. The headband is stretchable and very well-built very good for cueing with one ear even better than the HD25s.
    Comfort: is top-notch. It sits well on your head, they have enough clamp, but not enough to bother you while you spin your way to your turntables. They are a bit-loose sometimes which is also good when you are monitoring the club. Although, they don't have a swiveling feature, they are comfortable with one ear cueing.
    Overall: This is the first time, I have given 5 stars to all categories. For a DJ utility headphone, this is simply perfect. But, of course if you are reviewing them as an audiophile or casual listening they aren't perfect because they are not supposed to be used for non-pro use. If you want a proper audiophile headphone from Aiaiai, then simply wait for the TMA-1 Studio headphones.
    While they are DJ headphones, I believe they can also fit for commute, with the dark sounding signature they are very nice for noisy environments and long commute hours. But, for casual listening in a very cozy and silent room, you would definitely pick out the faults on this headphone. So let's just keep it that way.

    If you want to audition or buy these headphones, then you should listen to them in a place that is very noisy, you'll will experience the true value of these headphones and why they were designed to sound that way.
    Update: Had to deduct one star with the design, it's been just over a year and the pegs which holds the ear cups has created a space which caused it to shake. Could've been stressed by cueing with one ear, since it doesn't have any swivel features. There were isolated cases from customers that their headband cracked, mine hasn't but when I compare them with a newer one, I notice that the band has gotten flimsy. Will let you readers know when they should break.
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