Oct 23, 2006
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Headphoneus Supremus, Male

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    HiFi - it's more than just headphones! ;-)
    HiFi - it's not all about headphones ;-)
    Headphone Inventory:
    Apuresound [AKZip] modded Sennheisser HE60
    Apuresound [AKZip] modded Koss ESP-950
    Stax SR007 (Omega 2 Mk 1)
    Stax Sigma 404
    Stax SR-001 MkII
    Stax Sigma
    Stax Lambda
    STAX SR-5
    Koss ESP-6
    Steve Kelby Piccolino recabled JH13Pro
    Steve Kelby Piccolino recabled Livewires T1
    Apuresound [AKZip] recabled Etymotic ER4P
    Sony MDR-NC11
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Woo Audio GES
    Stax SRD-X Pro
    FordGTLover Super Fat Cat modded Stax SRM-001
    iBasso D10
    iBasso D1
    RSA SR-71
    RSA SR-71B
    Xin Supermicro IV
    Source Inventory:
    Linn LP12
    Modded Pioneer PD-S901
    Pioneer PD-S802
    Pioneer PD-S702
    Musical Fidelity A3.5
    iRiver H1120
    iRiver H180
    iRiver H160
    Apuresound DAC
    Meier Corda StageDAC
    AOL Picollo DAC
    Sony DNE-1
    Sony NW-HD5
    Cable Inventory:
    Van Den Hul Optocoupler MKII mini-mini toslink cable
    Apuresound custom SR-001 to Stax 5pin cable
    Apuresound Xtra Cryo & Insulation WBT Style RCA Interconnects
    Audio Tekne ARC 500 RCA Interconnects
    Homegrown Audio Silver Lace RCA Interconnects
    James (Can'tsleep) Silver (34in'', profi plugs) RCA Interconnects
    James (Can'tsleep) Silver/copper hybrid (19in'', profi plugs) RCA Interconnects
    MIT Terminator 2 RCA-terminated Interconnects
    Moon Audio Silver Dragons - Cardas GRMO RCA-terminated Interconnects
    Can’tsleep 8 core 99.9999% silver mini-2-mini
    Cardas Audio HPI 6" mini-2-mini
    FallenAngel 6 core 99.9999% silver mini-2-mini
    Power-Related Components:
    Shunyata Snake Bite
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Naim NAC 32-5/Hi Cap & NAP-250
    Martin Logan CLS
    Nakamichi CA7A & Naim NAP-250
    Pioneer A-400
    Stax SRD-7/SB
    Stax SRD-7Pro
    STAX 6-Pin Extension Cable - 16 ft
    STAX 5-Pin Extension Cable - 16 ft
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Modded TDS True Dimensional Sound Enhancer - Passive Audiophile MA Ultra
    Statmat CDi Blue
    Audio Desk CD Lathe
    Music Preferences:
    Everything except diehard C&W or Opera


    Best Regards
    (My Feedback Now and Then)
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