Apr 26, 2009
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Steady on old boy!What What.

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    Steady on old boy!What What.
    harley davidsons and fiddling with my sound systems.
    Is there life before death...?
    Headphone Inventory:
    Grado SR80i Woodied(cocobolo by nickchen)
    Grado RS1

    Grado SR325is (Woodied by Vibrolabs Classic)

    KRK KNS8400
    Koss Red Devils. Nearly Knacked.
    Koss KRC75.
    MS-1i .Sold
    K518 LE Red Defoamed Sold.
    iGrados ,, Sold
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    LD1+ Sold..
    Neco Soundlab V3
    Fred-Fred Bass Boost Cmoy kit
    Yulong U100 sold
    NVA AP10H
    Naim Headline Sold.
    Mini3 (thanks to guzzler)
    Jelly cmoy V3 (Dull)
    PA2V2 Sold.
    Headroom Total Bithead SOLD
    iBasso D2+Boa Sold
    Hotaudio bit perfect Dac/amp SOLD
    Bravo Audio V2
    Fiio E5 sold
    Source Inventory:
    Sony NW-A3000
    Epiphany Acoustics E-Dac
    SonyWalkman 16gb
    Sansa Clip RIP(just died)
    Creative Zen V Also dead
    Naim CD5/TeddycapMk3 Sold
    Denon TU1800DAB Sold
    Laptop/MF V-DAC/Little Pinkie SE PSU Sold
    SB3 classic
    SB Touch
    Keces DA131 Mk3 SOLD
    Beresford Bushmaster DAC
    Cable Inventory:
    iBasso mini to mini i/c
    NVA Sound Pipe i/c
    NVA Sound cords i/c
    NVA Ls5 speaker cables, three sets.
    NVA Super \Sound Pipe Ditigal I/C
    Other Audio Equipment:
    IPL s3tlm transmission line speakers
    Temple Audio Bantam Gold
    SMSL T-Amp TA2021
    Alesis Monitor one Mk1
    Alesis Monitor one MK2
    Kef Cresta 2 SOLD
    JPW Mini Monitors
    LS3/5A SOLD
    NVA AP70
    Quad 33/303 Sold

    Cyrus 1 MK3 Sold
    Topping TP10 MK2 Sold
    Alesis Monitor One MK2
    Alesis Monitor One MK1
    Music Preferences:
    Literaly nearly anything.
    Retired plant fitter.
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