Aug 11, 2006
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To enjoy life and cultivate my relationship(s)

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    To enjoy life and cultivate my relationship(s)
    Classical music, HPs & HP amps, protista microscopy (novice), collecting books, Home theater
    Politics, religion, science, food, living in San Francisco for 40 years
    Headphone Inventory:
    Gone: MS2i, Senn PX100, AT Woody Clip-on, MSR-SA1000, MSR-SA5000, PK2, IM716
    ATH-CK9 (fake), ATH-CM700 (fake)
    Reserve: HFI-2200, DTX20, CX300, E888, Eggo, ATH EC700 (fake), AT AL clip-on, SR60, KSC-75, Koss SportaPro, K501 (backup), MDR-F1 (backup), MX400, Panasonic RP-HV280
    Benchmark phones: MX400, KSC-75, MS1, PK1, HD600, K501 (K701 pads) K701, MDR-F1, Lambda Pro
    Comfort issues:K701, HD600, Lambda Pro
    Active: MDR-F1, SR-003, MS1, AD700, SR325i, PK1, K501 (K701 pads), DT880, Ety-4P (S cable)

    I like phones with character and contrast so I prefer having many excellent phones rather than just one or two superb ones that cost 2 or 3 times as much as excellent phones like HD600s ($220) and MS1s ($99). If I want to listen to a first class phone, I fire up my Lambada Pros.
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Reserve: Presonus HP4, PA2V2, Headphonia (non DAC), Go-Vibe 6, Pany SA-XR55S receiver used only as HP amp
    Active: LD 1+, LD MKIV SE, LD MKV, Stax SRM-1/ MK-2, MiniBoX-E+
    Source Inventory:
    Reserve: Kodak portable CDP, Sony X222ES CDP, Sony SCD-CE595
    Active: Toshiba HD-XA1 used as CD player
    Cable Inventory:
    Music Preferences:
    Audiophile classical CDs
    Retired record store manager
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