Sep 23, 2008
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    Headphone Inventory:
    Yuin PK2
    Beyerdynamic Tesla T1
    Sennheiser HD800

    *** Sennheiser PX100
    *** Sennheiser HD800 & Cardas
    *** Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro
    *** Beyerdynamic DT48e (200 ohms)
    *** Ultrasone Pro900
    *** Sony MDR-CD2000
    *** Shure SRH-840
    *** Yuin OK1
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Antique Sound Lab Lorelei
    Harman Kardon HK3470

    *** Corda Prehead MKII SE
    *** Rudistor RPX33 EV08
    *** Woo Audio 22
    *** SPL Phonitor
    *** Lake People G100
    *** Earmax (Valvo tubes)
    *** Corda Arietta
    *** Corda 2Move
    *** Corda XXS
    *** Ibasso D12
    *** Ibasso D3
    Source Inventory:
    Meizu SP
    Cambridge DVD99
    Advance Acoustic MCD-403
    Mytek Stereo96 DA
    Audio-gd DAC19 DSP1
    Stello U3

    *** Audinst HUD MX1
    *** Musiland Monitor 01 USD
    *** Musiland Monitor 02 US
    *** Cyrus CD6s
    *** Keces DA151
    *** Audiolab 8000DAC
    *** Ipod Classic 6th gen
    *** Ipod Touch 1st gen
    *** Cowon Iaudio M5
    *** Trekstor Vibez
    *** Iriver H320
    *** Iriver T60
    Cable Inventory:
    Nordost Red Dawn
    Nordost Silver Shadow AES/EBU
    The Chord Company Prodac Pro coaxial
    Glass Fiber Optical
    Wireworld Equinox 6 XLR

    *** Artisan Silver Dream Mark 2 HD800 cable
    *** Siltech ST-38 G3
    *** Cardas Neutral Reference Digital
    *** Cardas Clear USB
    *** Wireworld Ultraviolet USB
    *** Van den Hul D-102 MKIII
    *** Acoustic Zen MC2
    Power-Related Components:
    Kemp Powerstation 75
    Exactpower SP-15A
    Exactpower EP-15A
    Aqvox USB power supply
    Kemp KE-HI power cord
    Furutech Absolute Power 18-E
    Furutech 3TS20
    Harmonic Technology Pro AC11
    Harmonic Technology Pro AC10

    *** Van den Hul The Mainstream Hybrid
    *** Transparent Powerlink Super
    *** Kemp Power Source AMP
    *** Furutech e-TP60E
    *** QED Qonduit
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Harman Kardon HK3470
    Infinity Kappa 60
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Stein Music Supernaturals
    Cardas Myrtle Woods


    "Now I know what I didn't want to know" (Cesare Pavese)
    Proud Member of the Pocoyo's Beatification Platform.
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