Jul 29, 2009
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art director for a business intelligence company and freelance creative for the European metal scene

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Headphoneus Supremus, Male

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    art director for a business intelligence company and freelance creative for the European metal scene
    photography, playing the piano, the drums and her toes
    olives, Photoshop, video, Sony Vegas, photography, vokills, drums, cymbals, percussion, beats, rhythm, knives, mechanical watches, clocks, dials, meters, thaumaturgy, blood, occultism, philosophy, nature, big booties, electronic gadgets, insects, soup, forests, pianos, cinema, prague, procrastinating, procreating, old cowboyflicks, violent prison documentaries, sci-f-fi, horror, oldschool adventures, reading, metal festivals, getting everything for nothing.
    Headphone Inventory:
    - Sennheiser HD580 with HD600 grills
    - Sennheiser HD590
    - Sennheiser HD25-1 II
    - Teufel Aureol Real

    - Yoga CD-880/ Brainwavz HM5 version
    - Yoga CD-340/ Renkforce CD-340 version

    - Superlux D668b
    - Superlux HD662
    - Superlux HD651 (4x)

    - Koss KSC75
    - Koss Portapro (x3: white, black and blue)

    - Hifiman RE0
    - Vsonic GR07 Classic Color Edition (red)
    - Havi B3 Pro
    - DUNU DN-19
    - Teufel Fidelity IEM
    - Brainwavz M2
    - Brainwavz ProAlpha
    - Xiaomi Piston v2
    - Sony MH1C
    - Superlux HD381b
    - Audio Sistem E212
    - that horrible little Monoprice IEM that you guys were hyping

    Owned but sold:
    AKG K701, Beyerdynamic DT880, Grado SR60, Grado SR225i, Audio Technica ATH-AD700, Sennheiser HD280pro, Superlux HD669, AKG K518, Sony XB700

    Drawer of shame:
    Sennheiser HD201, HD202, HD205, AKG K26p, Kanen KM92, KM928, KM880
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    - JDS Labs Objective2, designed by NwAvGuy
    - Headstage Arrow

    Bunch of DIYs like a Modfly RA1, Bravo Tube V2 12AU7, CMOY
    Source Inventory:
    - Stoner Acoustics UD100 Sabre DAC
    - Fiio E10 (now sold!)
    - Tascam US-122L studio interface
    - M-Audio Transit (for sale!)
    - Sony BDP-S370 

    - Maverick D1 tube DAC (NOW SOLD)

    - J. River Media Center w. WASAPI

    - Bunch of Chinese Android tablets
    - Ainol V9000HDA 8gb white
    - Cowon Iaudio X5L 30gb with battery-mod
    - Sansa Fuze, Clip, Clip+ & Zip
    - DIY Frankenstein Ipod Photo 20gb built in car

    Owned but sold:
    Sony X1050, Zune 30gb brown, Zune HD, Creative Zen, Cowon D2/D2+
    Cable Inventory:
    CAT5 everything!
    Other Audio Equipment:
    - NAD 3020e amp
    - Topping TP22
    - Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 speakers
    - Audio Pro Focus SA-2 speakers
    Music Preferences:
    Black metal, neofolk, martial industrial, darkwave, powernoise, dark ambient, classical, Northern European folk music, 80'ies goth, some popular electronic music from the Berlin area like witchhouse, post-dubstep like Hecq, Kuedo/Vex'd etc.
    My photocameras, videocameras and NEC monitor.
    I like olives. A lot.


    Negakinu Photography & Design: for album art, band photography and design
    Carach Angren: new album out on Season of Mist Rec.
    Metal-Fi: our passion is not just metal, but great sounding metal enthusiast reviews
    Haven't heard it? Don't recommend it!!
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