May 17, 2013
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I am a Site Reliability Engineer for a online work community.

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    I am a Site Reliability Engineer for a online work community.
    Playing, producing, DJing and listening to music.
    Computers especially Linux systems, reading, and hanging out with my girlfriend and her kids.
    Headphone Inventory:
    Grado SR60i with Earzonk L cushions, Sennheiser HD-25-1 II, Hifiman RE-400, Pioneer SE-A1000, KEF M500, AKG K701 (on loan from Warrenpchi), Sennheiser HD700, Beyerdynamic T1.
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Modwright Instruments LS 100, Woo Audio WA7, Fiio E07k, HRT MicroStreamer, Schiit Magni, miniwatt N4
    Source Inventory:
    MacBook Pro running Amarra Hifi and MOG
    VPI Traveler turntable
    MHDT Labs Stockholm v2
    Cable Inventory:
    Wywires cabling
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Rogue Audio Chronus intergrated amplifier
    Magnepan MMG speakers
    NAD 3130 intergrated amplifier
    Phillips 312 turntable with Grado black cart
    Sadly all in storage at the moment.
    Music Preferences:
    Most types... rock, electronic, jazz, classical...
    Ipad2 it is great for reading and surfing the web away from my computer.
    I am a music nut who recently moved to Bakersfield from Hollywood, CA.


    Vinyl rig: VPI Traveler > SoundSmith Modified Denon DL-103 > Modwright Instruments LS 100
    Digital rig: rMBP > Amarra > MHDT Labs Stockholm v2 > Modwright Instruments LS 100
    Primary HP: Beyerdydnamic T1 & Sennheiser HD700 
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