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Run my own business in property management and investment.

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    Run my own business in property management and investment.
    Teller of jokes that I think are hilarious. Your Mileage May Vary :p
    In, ahem, layman's terms, I give landlords guaranted rent from quality tenants, whilst taking away all the stress of managing the properties. And help people who want to sell their property quickly.
    And help investors to get a better return on their investment.
    Any enquiries, just email me at:
    Shameless plug over :p

    Good food, coffee and wine, whisky/whiskey, bourbon, other spirits and beer. Somewhat ironically, I don't really drink alcohol, I just have a little bit now and then to taste! But really into learning the knowledge and tasting the good ones :)
    What else? I play guitar and want to learn piano, I'm a Christian (hopefully I come across as an articulate and free-thinking one!). Quality chocolate, Finance and Investment, drinking good coffee in nice cafes, martial arts, making stuff. Love learning new knowledge and skills of all kinds.

    I love science, engineering and technology, and my goal is to work in R&D in Biomedical Engineering and/or Synthetic Biology (and, if possible, research in Theoretical Physics as a side project for my own interests!).

    I love being in nature (think national parks, rather than the local park), outdoor activities, I read voraciously on a plethora of subjects. I write poetry and creative writing, and like every delusional author, believe The Great Novel is lurking somewhere inside, waiting to be released to media swooning and adulation :p

    Having said that, I'd love to write Fantasy (or possibly Sci-Fi) novels, and get annoyed that they don't receive literature prizes and the aforementioned adulation.

    I like films, including international films, especially Chinese/HK/Taiwanese, Korean and Indian films.
    Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Romantic Comedies are my favourites, but I've loved films from all kinds of genres.
    I've found as time goes by, I have less tolerance for films with unhappy endings or an overly negative tone (good though they might otherwise be).
    If I'm going to invest 1.5 - 4.5 hours of my precious time in a film, I want to be left feeling good, happy, joyful, inspired, fascinated, awed, with food for thought, romantic and/or having laughed a lot. Ideally all of the above :D
    Headphone Inventory:
    Noble wizard Katana (the first one evarrr, hehe)
    Trinity PM6
    Trinity PM4
    Trinity Vyrus II
    Trinity Hyperion

    Audeo Phonak PFE
    Dunu Titan 1es
    Klipsch S4i (my first ever IEM upgrade, aww..)
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Planning to get Chord Mojo ASAP
    C&C BH2

    Fiio E11
    Source Inventory:
    Planning to get Onkyo DP-X1A ASAP, unless a better DAP comes out!
    xDuoo X3 (Rockboxed FTW!)
    iPhone and iPad
    MacBook Pro
    Cable Inventory:
    Mundorf silver/gold jack to jack stereo cable (from the excellent user "onest11" via e-bay)
    Music Preferences:
    Rock, acoustic, hip-hop, singer-songwriter stuff, RnB (in both the traditional and modern sense), pop, blues, classical, jazz, funk, Chinese, Korean and Japanese pop/acoustic, Bollywood soundtracks, folk, even bits of country and western!
    Very eclectic; my philosophy is that good music is good music and will be likeable regardless of genre.
    This has been borne out by me liking songs in genres I would otherwise say I dislike.
    There's other gear apart from Audio?! Why wasn't I informed?! :-O
    Aspiring audiophile equipment reviewer.
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