Jun 12, 2010
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Senior Technical Infrastructure Analyst

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    Senior Technical Infrastructure Analyst
    Reading, film, music, vinyl, cities/traveling, art, walking, cycling, eating, etc.
    Mechanical watches, fountain pens, cigars, single malt and blended scotch whisky, red wine
    Headphone Inventory:
    Current: Grado Labs RS1i, Sennheiser HD 25-1 II, Westone UM3X, JH Audio JH13 Pro (freqphase)

    Past: Westone UM1, Audio-Technica ATH-OR7, Sennheiser HD 650, Grado Labs SR225i
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Current: AMB M³, AMB Mini³, Meier Audio CORDA STEPDANCE.

    Past: Little Dot MK IV SE, Little Dot I+ Hybrid.
    Source Inventory:
    Current: Little Dot DAC_I, Nuforce uDac 2, Windows 7 Ultimate > ALAC > foobar2000 > WASAPI, ALAC > iphone 4, Macbook Pro > ALAC > itunes

    Rega RP3 turntable with Groovetracer Reference Subplatter, Counterweight and Delrin platter upgrades + Ortofon 2M Bronze MM cartridge + Rega TT PSU

    FLAC > Google Nexus 7 > Fiio E17 > JH Audio JH 13 (Freqphase)

    Cambridge Audio Azur 640P phonostage

    Past: Nuforce uDac
    Cable Inventory:
    Blue Jeans Cable LC-1 Stereo Audio Cables
    QABLES iPod LOD to 3.5mm
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Adam A3X Near Field Active Studio Monitors
    Harbeth P3ESR Loudspeakers
    Naim NAIT XS Integrated Amplifier
    Music Preferences:
    Folk, blues, jazz, progressive and classic rock, electronic and experimental
    PC hardware, Android and Apple
    Interested in most things electronic and 'geeky'. My favorite hobby is getting into new hobbies.


    FLAC > Google Nexus 7 > Fiio E17 > JH Audio JH-13 Pro (Freqphase)

    London Head-Fi Meet October 2013
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