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Electronics Field Engineer

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The first to organize an (Inter)National Head-Fi Meet (2006)

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    Electronics Field Engineer
    scuba/mountain biking/flying/writing/motorcycling
    Mountain Biking, Scuba Diving, Skiing, Flying (single engine pilot), Jogging, Working Out
    Headphone Inventory:
    B&W P7 and Pendulumc Stance 1
    Ultimate Ears UE-10, JH-13 and a Noble Kaiser 10 on it's way.
    Shure E5C and E500 and a E535 and SE846. Yuin PK-1 and 2,
    HiFiMAN HE-5LE and 400/500 and HE-6.
    Beyer Dynamics T-1, DT-880 (2005) and DT801 (1993).
    Koss Pro4AA (1970), Yamaha Electrects, AT ESW9 and 10's,
    Sony whatchamacallits (have to look up the modej),
    Ety ER4p's w/upgraded cable and ER6i's.
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Dared VP300B monoblocks,
    Headroom Desktop (Max module and DAC) w/dedicated PS and Total Bithead,
    Portaphile V2^2 Maxxed,
    RS Audio SR-71 and Hornet, Mustang and Tomahawk (green/gold), and 2 Shadows, Headroom MicroDAC
    ALO/Red Wine Audio Amphora and RX portable.
    RWA Ginevra TT phono Stage
    RWA Sig 30.2 Speaker amp
    Source Inventory:
    Emm Labs Dac 6e and CDSD,
    Esoteric DV-50,
    Meridian G08
    Oppo BDP-83 modded by Exemplar (John Tucker), Slim Devices Transporter,
    VPI Aries 2 TT w/JMW Memorial 10.5 and Benz Ruby 3 Cartridge,
    Acoustic Signature Final Tool TT w/JMW 9 and Lyra Helikon cartridge,
    Iriver H120 (2)
    Imod Ipod 5.5G 80 gig, Nano 5G
    Sansa Fuze (3), and Clip (1)
    HiFiMAN HM-801
    Sony Walkman NWZA17
    Cable Inventory:
    Cardas Golden Refs (2) and Neutral Refs (2) Audience AU24, Nordost Red Dawn (2), Siltech SQ-88 (2), Tara Labs Reference, Nugget Audio Immitybicker Series mini>RCA, ALO mini>mini and iMod Jena Cryo, Whilash Audio JH-13 cable and (#3) assorted ALO JH-13 cables
    Power-Related Components:
    PS Audio P500 Power Regenerator (2), AudioPrism Power Foundation 3
    PC's- Cardas Golden Refs (2), Vitual Dynamics Power 3 (2), PS Audio Reference (2) Monster Reference, plus others
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Home Theater and Stereo: Cary Cinema 5 amp, McIntosh pre-C45 6 channel Control Center, Vienna Acoustics Strauss (2), Beethoven (2), Maestro Center, Velodyne HGS-10 Sub
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Isoblocks, Vibrapods, Mapleshade 4" 18X18 butcher block (finished and beveled), GinkoAudio Cloud 10 and Aries 2 acrylic cover, Herbies Halo Tube dampers and Tenderfoot w/wooden balls, ALO iMod Blackgated LOD
    Music Preferences:
    All Jazz, Blues (old and new style), Guitar Rock, Classical
    Watches, knives, and sunglasses
    wife & 2 kids


    Music is my recreational drug…I need a dose of it everyday!
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