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    Photography, Fishing, Warbirds, Travel, WW2 Military History, WW2 Military Vehicles.
    Fishing, 4 Wheel Driving, Flying (Warbirds), WW2 Military History (Axis and Allied). Land Rovers. Photography, Wildlife, Shooting, Power Boating.
    Headphone Inventory:
    Sennheiser HD-280 Pro, B&W P3, B&W P5, Bose Quiet Comfort 2, Beyerdynamic T1.
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    CypherLabs 720 Theorem Portable DAC/Amp, Furutec ADL GT-40, Cary SLP-05 Pre Amp., Schiit Audio Magni 2 Uber Amp, Audioquest Dragonfly 1.2, 4x Audioquest Jitterbug, Schiit Wyrd. Audioquest Dragonfly Red USB DAC + Preamp + Headphone Amp. Sieveking Sound Omega Headphone Stand (Maple).
    Source Inventory:
    Rega RP6 Turntable with Lyra Delos MC Cartridge.
    Carey SACD306 Prof. SACD Player
    Mac Pro.
    CypherLabs 720 Theorem Portable DAC/Amp
    Graham Slee Accession MM Phono Amplifier.
    Graham Slee Elevator EXP MM Step-Up Trans-Former
    Cable Inventory:
    Nordost Tyr2, Cardas Clear, Moon Audio, Whiplash Audio and Mapleshade. Abby Road "Monitor".
    Schiit Pyst USB and RCA cables x 1 set. Isotek EVO 3 Optimum and Initium Power Cables,
    Power-Related Components:
    ATSAH 500 Mono Power Amps (NCore series of Class D amplifiers using the NC1200 modules).
    Carey SLP-05 Valve Pre-Amplifier. Isotek EVO 3 Aquarius Power Conditioner. 2x Graham Slee Filtered Power Supply Units.
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Audio Physic Scorpio 25+ Speakers in Walnut.
    Furutech ADL GT-40 DAC
    B&W M1 Speakers
    Pioneer SC-LX90 Receiver
    VPI- HW-27 Typhoon Record Cleaner
    Flux HiFi Sonic Electronic Stylus Cleaner
    KAB Precon Phono Stage Burn in Device
    Vesion Professional LP Digital Turntable Stylus Force Scale Gauge LED.
    VPI Crosscheck Turntable Level
    Gem Dandy Mk. II Record Cleaner
    Nagaoka Onzow: “Zerodust” Stylus Cleaner.
    Mapleshade Mikrosmooth CD Polishing Kit.
    Milty Zerostat 3.
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Groovetracer Rega Reference Subplatter, Groovetracer Rega Black Delrin Platter, Groovetracer Black Counterweight, Tangospinner Clear Silicone Opal Model Premium Rega Drive Triple Belts, Tangospinner Triple Brass Pulley for Rega, Swagman Lab Signature Edition Filtered Power Supply Unit for Rega RP6 TTPSU, Michael Lim RP6 Motor Base Isolation Board, SRM/TECH Main Bearing Damping Ring For Rega RP6.
    Carey SACD306 Prof. SACD Player
    Mapleshade 19-1/2" x 16-1/2" x 4" Finished Maple Platform (Natural) set of four Isoblocks +3" Mapleshade Micropoint Megafeet (set of 3) for Rega RP6.
    3x Mapleshade Micropoint Heavyfoot (set of three)
    Music Preferences:
    Jazz, Classical, Rock, Easy Listening, Country, Pop, Female Vocal, Male Vocal, Blues.
    World War 2 PBY-5A Catalina Flying Boat ZK-PBY. http://www.nzcatalina.org.nz/


    Mobile Rig:CypherLabs 720 + B&W P5.
    Headphone System: Schiit Ragnarok+Schiit WYRD+2x Jitterbug+ADL-GT40+ Beyerdynamic T1 & Audeze 2017 LCD-2.2F
    Hi-Fi System: Cary CD306 SACD Pro+Cary SLP-05+2x ATSAH 500 Mono Block Power Amps+Rega RP6 Turntable+G.S Accession Phono+ Audio Physic Scorpio 25plus Speakers+Nordost Tyr2 Cable. VPI HW-27 RCM
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