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    Headphone Inventory:
    (ranked to preference)

    *$1- Stax 009 {End-Gamer, All-rounder, can be a bit too crispy sometimes, if picky}

    2- Audeze LCD3 Fazor with ALO ref.16 cable

    $3- Audeze LCD3 [Sold, regretted instantly, very classic, rich & immersive sounding cans] {End-Gamer, Jazz music}

    $4- Sennheiser HD800 SN 18xxx [Sold, sounded more relaxing and broad (better?) than later batches] {End-Gamer, All-rounder}

    5- Sennheiser HD800 SN 30xxx

    *$6- Koss ESP950 {End-Gamer, non-bassy music} [Sold and regretted, great cans] [Re-bought, with Vesper pads (leather + alcantara)]

    7- AKG K1000 base heavy SN 4xxx [Sold]

    8- AKG K1000 SN 8xxx

    9- Sony Z1R (with official Kimber upgrade cable)

    10- Audeze LCD2 Rev.1 with Rev.2 headband and leather earpads [Sold]

    *$11- Fostex TH900 SN 03xx

    12- Fostex TH900 SN 16xx [Sold, sounded a bit sharper and faster than the early batch, but not cleaner/more transparent]

    *$13- Sony Z7 (with official Kimber upgrade cable) {End-Gamer, Non-classic music} [Sold]

    14- Beyerdynamic T1 (amplification can be quite problematic but generally work with instruments, especially piano & violin) [Sold]

    $15- Grado PS1000 (very energetic sounding cans, not balanced but premium & unique still)

    $16- Ultrasone Edition 10 (some superb treble I have ever heard from any dynamic/planar headphones)

    $17- Sennheiser HD600 (with Cardas blue Smurf dual XLR) {End-Gamer, Classic music} [Sold]

    *$18- Sennheiser HD650 (16th with MA Silver Dragon V3 cable) {End-Gamer, All-rounder} [Sold]

    19- Audio Technica W3000anv [Sold]

    $20- Sony SA5000

    *$21- Sony SA3000

    22- Sennheiser HD25 adidas [Sold]

    23- Sony 7520

    24- AKG K701 SN 9xxx

    *$25- Sony CD900ST {End-Gamer, Vocals}

    26- Sony CD3000 [Sold]

    $27- Audio-Technica W5000

    28- AKG K701 SN 86xxx [Sold]

    29- Monster Beats Studio (gifted to cousin)

    *30- Sony XB500 [Sold]

    * - All-rounder (performance, price, comfort, versatility, sources to buy etc...) winner/Recommended in corresponding level/range

    $ - Must/Worthy-try


    1- Stax Ω
    2- Sony Q010
    3- Audeze LCD4

    And defs yeah, the Orpheus!



    1- Sony Ex1000 (all time favorite)

    $2- Shure SE535 (lost) {End-Gamer, Vocals}

    3- Sennheiser IE8 (bought for cousin)

    $*4- Sennheiser IE80 {End-Gamer, All-rounder} [Sold]

    $*5- Sony Ex500 *2 (lost and re-bought, best price/(performance + comfy) IMHO) (lost again...)

    6- Etymotic ER4s Red/Blue version (great sounding on a par with IE80 & Ex1000 but terrible terrible fitting) [Sold]

    7- Monster Beats Tour (gifted to a friend)

    8- AKG tuned Samsung S8 earbuds

    9- Apple iPhone 6+ earbuds


    1- JH Audio 16 pro
    2- Shure SE846
    3- Sony EX700
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    $*1- Woo audio WA22 (upgraded with Tung sol 7236/6080, *Bendix 6080, Tung sol 6F8G VT99 + adapters, Mullard ECC33 black base, *Jan/Tung sol branded green lettering WE 5998/421A, *Sophia Electric 6SN7 Grade A [Sold], UASF 596 + adapter, *Philips Miniwatt rebranded Mullard GZ34 metal base, Western Electric 422A [Sold], *EML 5U4G, Sophia Electric Princess 274b, Mullard GZ32 brown base [Sold], Jan CHS branded Sylvania 6SN7WTB, Philco branded Sylvania 5U4G etc...)

    $*2- Violectric V281 (best solid-state amp I have yet heard. Smooth with great clarity and a hint of warmth + unexceptional build quality, as always from Violectric)

    $*3- Woo audio WA6se (upgraded with RCA 6GL7s + adapters, RCA Smoked 6SN7 + adapters, UASF 596, Philips Miniwatt rebranded Mullard GZ34 metal base, EML 5U4G, Sophia Electric Princess 274b, Mullard GZ32 brown base ... ) [Sold]

    4- Luxman P-1u

    $*5- Woo audio WA6 [Sold]

    6- Violectirc V200 (best build quality) [Sold]

    7- Matrix M-Stage [Sold]


    $*1- Blue Hawaii Special Edition by Flux Lab Acoustic (with upgraded Sowter Transformer Attenuators & Elma 24-step Switch + Psvane EL34PH, *Psvane 6CA7 TII & Mullard EL34 black base)

    2- KGST by Headinclouds [Sold]

    3- Stax 727A [Sold]

    [E90 energiser, Koss ESP950]


    1- Eddie Current Balancing Act (Maxxed Out)
    2- Headamp GS-X MK. II
    3- SPL Phonitor X
    4- Audio Technica HA5000 (very maybe)


    1- Stax T2 (maybe)
    Source Inventory:
    *1- Esoteric K-03x {End-Game Gear, all-rounder}

    $*2- Sony Xa9000es [Sold, sublimely great player]

    *3- Mytek 192 DSD (good for performance over its compact size)

    4- North Star Design Extremo [Sold]

    5- Woo Audio WDS-1 [Sold]

    6- Pure Piper DAC A1 (good at its price) [Sold]

    7- MacBook 12''

    8- ASUS ROG G73 JW

    9- Thinkpad X1 Carbon

    10- Thinkpad X201i


    1- Accuphase DP720

    2- Rockna Audio Wavedream

    3- Schitt YGGDRASIL (black)



    *1- Sony PHA-2 (great with Sony Z7s)

    *2- Sony PHA-1 (astonishingly great with Sony Ex1000s)

    3- Sony D50 (astonishingly great with IE80s/IE8)

    4- Blackberry Priv (Best headphone output I have yet heard on a mobile phone. Driving power and sound quality are both great. Poor versatility tho, aka. no usb audio output + noisy speaker etc.) [Dead after 4 months of light use (fried motherboard), terrible quality control & service]

    *5- iPad Air

    6- Sony ZX1

    7- iPhone 6+

    8 - Samsung Galaxy S8

    9- Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge [Charging Port Dead in 6 months.. Some typical Samsung/Android experience..]

    10- iPad 1st Gen.

    11- iPhone 5S

    12- iPhone 5

    13- iPhone 4S

    14- iPhone 4

    15- Sony Xperia TX

    16- Samsung Galaxy S2 [rubbish]

    17- iPod Touch 3rd Gen.

    Cable Inventory:
    ALO Audio Ref.16 cable for Audezes

    Cardas Clear Gold dual XLR cable for HD800s

    Moon Audio Silver Dragon V3 6.35mm for HD6XX [Sold]

    Cardas Original 'Blue Smurf' dual XLR for HD6XX [Sold]

    Koss to Stax 5-pin converting cable by Darin Audio

    Sony/Kimber-Kable Z7 3.5mm

    My Audio Design Diamond Signature Silver Series RCA & XLR 5N pure silver interconnects

    My Audio Design My Ox 75Ω Coaxial cable

    Wireworld Starlight 7 USB cable [Sold]

    Wireworld Silver Starlight USB cable

    Ortofone 6N Copper Nakamichi terminated RCA interconnects

    Ortofone 6N Copper Nakamichi terminated Coaxial cable [Sold]

    Space Saturn Series 4N Copper gold plated RCA interconnects

    Audioquest Red River XLR interconnects

    Some random Hi-Fi 4N Copper power cords

    Prolink USB cable with Pro EMI suppressors

    Ifi Gemini Twin Head USB cable


    1- Wireworld Platinum Starlight USB 6ft/2m

    2- DHC Silver Complelement4 3m XLR for HD800s
    Power-Related Components:
    Ordinary Philips Universal Socket * 3

    Ifi iPower 9V 2A

    Ifi iUSB 2.0 power supplier

    Prostar/Proflex Isolation Transformer 235V -> 110V [Sold]

    Tortech customised Isolation Transformer 235V -> 100V [Sold]


    1- PS Audio P10 230V
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Hi-fi Tuning Supreme Fuse (T) 20mm 3.15A-250V for WA22

    Rubber rim tube dampers

    Ifi iPurifier

    QLS QA01 HIFI USB interface [Sold]

    Takamine Legarcy EF360SC Acoustic Guitar
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Foobar 2000 Wasapi 24bit push mode 1000ms buffer Win7/10 (Woo Audio WDS-1)

    Esoteric HR Audio Player

    $*Vesper Leather + Alcantara Earpads for Koss Esp950

    Nikon D300S with Tamron 18~250mm Lens

    Canon 15*50 IS All Weather Binoculars

    Electric Recliner (a must...)

    *BMW 2014 328i F30 M-Sport

    Samsung Gear S3 Frontier
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