Jan 6, 2008
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Otolaryngologist - ENT Surgeon.

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    Otolaryngologist - ENT Surgeon.
    Listening to good music recorded and live, reading, watching movies, playing guitar, internet forums
    Too many to compile here. I'm interested about life, people and the things the humans do, from wine to phylosophy. Maybe fashion and celebrities private lives are the two things that don't interest me at all.
    Headphone Inventory:
    Currently in stock:
    Stax SR-007 mk1, Sennheiser HD600 (SE and balanced cables), Sennheiser HD800, AKG 701, Ultrasone HFI 2200, Audio Technica ATH-L3000, JVC HP-DX1000, Sony MDR-R10 x2 (bass-lite and bass-heavy) and CD3000, Denon D5000 (Markl modded, aka MD5000), Grado PS-1, SR-60, HP-2 and HF-2 (soon). Fostex T30

    UE 10 Pro, Sony MDR-EX71-SL, Sony MDR-EX85LP, Koss KSC55, Audio Technica ESW10jpn and ATH-1, Klipsch Image X10.

    Previously owned or tested at length: Sennheiser HD650, Stax 4040 cans-amp combo, Sennheiser eH2700, AKG K1000 and many more that I can't recall. 30 years into this hobby provide much exposure.
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Nugget Audio Beta22 (3 boards for SE use), Stax SRD-7 mk2, SRM-717
    Rudistor RPX-100
    Headamp Gilmore Reference Balanced (external PS)
    Sugden Headmaster
    X-Cans V2 with Little Pinkie PS and NOS tubes

    Portable: Ray Samuels Audio SR-71

    Had for some time the X-Cans V3.
    Source Inventory:
    Digital: CEC TL-2 transport to Museatex Bidat DAC. Sony CDP-707ES player, Theta Digital Data II transport (back up). PC (pentium 4...) with a Creative Audigy Platinum soundcard.
    Lavry DA-11.

    Portable: Ipod 2G 10Gb. Sony NWZ-A818

    Analogue: Nottingham Analogue Hyperspace with Ace Space tonearm and Shelter 901 cart>Music First MC step-up > EAR 834P with NOS Telefunken tubes.
    Sansui TU-X1 and Sansui TU-919 tuners.
    Nakamichi BX-125E cassette deck.
    Cable Inventory:
    Interconnects: Cardas Golden Reference, VdH The Second, The First and D-102mkIII (from balanced to single-end), Kimber KCAG...
    Power: Cardas Golden Reference, VdH the Mainsstream, YBA Diamond, Moray James cryoed.
    Digital: Audio Metallurgy GA-0 AES/EBU, Synapse coaxial, Cardas coaxial, Moray James coaxial, Sound professionals glass Toslink... more than I can recall.
    Power-Related Components:
    Salicru 1000VA voltage stabilization unit. Custom made outlet rack. Dedicated power line from the breaker to the system's outlet.
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Merlin VSM-MX speakers with BAM.
    Spendor S3/5SE monitors.
    Celestion SL600 monitors.
    YBA Integré DT
    Manley Tiny Triode tube monoblocks.
    Ars Sonum Filarmonia tube integrated.
    Joule Electra LA-150 preamp.
    Audio Synthesis Desire Decade power amp.
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    ERS sheets on some components...many others but none worth mentioning that really makes an interesting difference.
    Music Preferences:
    Jazz in almost all its forms, but specially hardbop, bebop, swing and vocalese, from big bands to solo acts.
    Classical: almost everything but large orchestral works from XVIIth century to mid XXth kill me.
    Prog rock, classic rock, hard rock, blues, pop, sould, r&b... I like almost all music but too idiosincratic "world", folk, most flamenco and teens pop.
    Jazz DJ on Modradio UK. Mad about the music since childhood
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