Argo Duck
Nov 6, 2007
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Research social behavior Statistician (biostats consultant) Part-time analyst Ex-lecturer

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Argo Duck

Formerly known as "AiDee"

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    Research social behavior Statistician (biostats consultant) Part-time analyst Ex-lecturer
    Photography & astro-photography
    Club-level motor-sport
    Headphone Inventory:
    Sennheiser: HD 800 (2015)
    Audez'e: LCD-3F (2014), LCD-2 rev 1 (2011)
    Beyerdynamic: T1 (2011)
    Grado: RS1, SR-60 (2000s)
    Stax: Lambda pro (1992)

    and sundry small fry
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Decware csp2+
    Decware Taboo II, hp run balanced from speaker taps
    Meier Classic
    Meier Concerto
    Meier Opera
    Violectric V100
    Schiit Lyr w. Matsu & Siemens tubes
    Little Dot 1+
    Source Inventory:
    BMC PureDAC
    Beresford Bushmaster mk 1
    Meier Stagedac
    Schiitt Bifrost (one of the first); uber-upgrade board yet to be installed
    Eastern Electric MiniMax DAC

    Arcam Alpha CDP
    MacMini + Audirvana plus
    iPod classic 120 with PURE i20 dock
    Cable Inventory:
    Undecided about cable differences but have the following anyway:

    Q-cable for LCD2/3
    Decware Pre/Power silver interconnect
    Various locally-sourced 'high-end' cables built at sensibly low prices
    Power-Related Components:
    NZ Hydroelectric Dams & turbines; 20kV overhead transmission lines
    Other Audio Equipment:
    HFA 'Silver' Tube Preamp
    Plinius SA-250 power amp
    Plinius SA-50 power amp
    Theophany M5 series 4 Speakers

    Yamaha 'full-grand' keyboard
    Music Preferences:
    Anything that makes a sound pretty much
    Whiteboards, cork-boards, pen and paper
    Vibiemme Domobar Super (espresso coffee press and steam engine!)
    Olympus DS50 digital recorder
    Meade 10" Schmidt-Newtonian
    Canon 7D w. 70-200 F4L & 17-40 F4L
    iPad (v1)
    Wahoo stuff


    the art of hearing wrongly
    Murphy's Law - Never argue with anyone crazier than you are
    welcome to hype-fi
    posts brought to you these last six months in a leaky boat (with apologies to Split Enz)
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