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    Headphone Inventory:
    HYBRIDS/BA Armature (from favorite to least):

    1. SENDIY M1221 (Beryllium driver & BA hybrid with true tri-band performance with 3-tuning nozzles) (these are more on a professional level and are easily the best I have with ultimately the best texture and coherency I've heard by far with basically no harshness or unwanted peaks. With a choice of three tuning nozzles that works flawlessly -Balance, Neutral, and Flat. They sound brilliant and epic in every way with some of the widest soundstage and frontal head stage possible with clean and effortless detail, micro-details, and transparency from top to bottom. And finally, resolution on these is some of the best to be had for its price!)
    2. MaGaosi K3 (K3 PRO and K3 HD comes with 2-tuning nozzles) (Graphene drivers & dual Knowles 30017 BA hybrid) (the K3 has similar tuning to the original K3003i, but better and more accurate bass and cleaner sounding midrange!) (with the K3 PRO, the Dark Gray tuning nozzles "down-plays" the harsh and sibilant brightness you get on certain songs or genre's, while with the Silver tuning nozzles plays on the warmer side with excellent treble and refinement!) (On the K3 HD, the treble is definitely more extended equally on both the Silver and Black tuning nozzles, but only the Silver tuning nozzles keeps the brighter MID frequencies to a safe level. Sub-bass/bass with overall details sounds more linear on the K3 HD giving it a sense of higher-end resolution.)
    3. KZ-ZS5 (2-DD/2-BA Armatures each side)
    4. UiiSii Hi-905 (Beryllium drivers & BA armature hybrid) (cleanest and clearest sounding with a 3D-like soundstage!....incredibly balanced, too!)
    5. SENFER 4in1 (Beryllium drivers & Knowles 30042 BA hybrid) (coherency, transparency, airy, depth, etc...with precise instrument separation and excellent soundstage to go with it.)
    6. HLSX-BK50 (Titanium driver & AFX BA hybrid) (wide and lively soundstage and presentation with excellent vocals while using the aftermarket small AUVIO silicone tips with the RED inner bore. Details are warm, smooth, with a sense of openness and clarity.)
    7. SENFER DT2 Plus (hi-end drivers & dual BA hybrid) (closing the back ports and finding the right tips....very promising and incredibly clear sounding with extended bass response!)
    8. MaGaosi M3 (Titanium driver & AFX BA hybrid) (great texture and coherency with a more fun-like signature only to have a crossbreed sound between the HLSX-808 and the HLSX BK50. It has a touch of crisp, rich, and bold-like sound signature with excellent soundstage presence)
    9. HLSX-808 (Titanium driver & AFX BA hybrid) (nice sounding bass with great impact and clear vocals with crisp hi-end details. Soundstage is big, spacious, and realistic)
    10. K3003 (3-way hybrid) (DIY version of AKG K3003 by Senfer) (great wide-stereo imaging and sonic impact with airy and extended details on top)
    11. GranVela URBANFUN (2-way hybrid) (excellent soundstage with deep broad bass, great mids and detailed treble)
    12. Kinera BD05 (2-way hybrid) (sport-type) (great wide soundstage with realistic sounding vocals -great bang for a hybrid at its price point!)
    13. Remax RM-600M (single unit 2-way BA armature on each side) (nice soundstage and vocals and beautifully balanced with excellent details. Bass is clear with a great realistic feel, punch, and slam to them)
    14. SIDY DGS100 (2-way hybrid) (no longer in production)
    15. Sleek Audio SA6 (single BA armature) (a rare find!)

    DYNAMIC Metal/Wood/Plastic housing (from favorite to least):

    1. MEMT X5 (simply the best 6mm micro-driver IEM's I've ever heard just behind the more pro sounding hybrid -the SENDIY M1221, playing at almost 90 percent capacity to them from end to end with a wide soundstage and frontal head stage when used with the default double-flange silicone ear tips or larger double-flange by way of aftermarket purchase!....speechless!)
    2. UiiSii HM7 (plays at 90 percent capacity to the Magaosi K3, almost to the point of sounding like identical clones. The sound signature outways the price many times over!)
    3. Sound Phil K5 (DIY by SENFER) (excellent soundstage and sonic impact.....same housing as the K3003! It has an awesome soundstage and resolution with good instrument separation, imaging, depth, and great extension on both ends)
    4. SENDIY M2 (the Sendiy M2 are coming directly from the "Sendiy Audio company", which carry superb workmanship down to the wire with two differently tuned nozzles that are completely accurate as described by the company having a natural and life-like soundstage, depth and rich bass with the ability to articulate all details, instruments and vocals realistically!)
    5. SoundMAGIC E10 (with medium aftermarket wide-bore "Auvio silicone tips" for a better sounding life-like soundstage and solid imaging!)
    6. Xiaomi Pistons 2.0, 2.1, IF Edition (with "Xiaomi Quantie medium silicone tips" for better balance and accuracy of the bass, soundstage and crisp high-end!)
    7. VIVO XE800 (superb soundstage with life-like vocals and excellent details from end to end without ever sounding harsh or sibilant with mirror-like similarities in SQ when compared to the VSONIC GR07, but has a more comfortable fit and feel to them)
    8. Pioneer SEC-CL100 (excellent details throughout the whole spectrum with a rich and overall natural sounding soundstage)(exact housing as VSONIC GR06)
    9. UiiSii DT200 (Dual 6mm micro-drivers) (full-rich sound with excellent bass, great clarity and a hugh soundstage!)
    10. KZ-ED9 (superb workmanship and excellent soundstage with two tuned nozzles)
    11. KZ-ED11 (cleaner more vivid treble than the KZ-ED10)
    12. KZ ATR (sport-type) (wide soundstage with natural sounding life-like midrange and details)
    13. KZ ATE (sport-type) (wide soundstage with excellent transparent-like midrange and details)
    14. JOYROOM JR-E107 (6mm micro-drivers)
    15. KZ-ED10 (excellent midrange!)
    16. Rock Zircon (solid nano zircon cavity and housing)
    17. KZ-S3
    18. SoundSOUL S-018
    19. GranVela/Mrice/Baldoor E300
    20. Astrotec AM800
    21. Philips SHE9620/28 (Rose Gold Edition)
    22. Meelectronics SP51
    23. IVERY IS-1/LIBERTY (vivid/clear version with sub-bass impact)
    24. CKY CK-38
    25. VSONIC GR02 BE
    26. SoundMAGIC E30
    27. Philips SHE3580
    28. Monoprice 8320

    NOTE: Other IEM's no longer listed above are either retired, gifted, or sold.

    E-BUDS (from favorite to least):

    1. PINTE P-11 (Hi-Fi Magnetized Metal Earbuds) (Simply the best I've ever heard and taking the throne as "King of Earbuds"! They have a hi-resolution atmospheric effect to them with wide soundstage, head stage, luscious vocals, and vivid details from sub-bass to micro-details to prove their rights to the throne!)
    2. TY HI-Z (by Tamrac) (Great budget level earbuds that can hang with the "big boys" -soundstage, crisp details, vocals, and sub-bass are epic!)
    3. VE MONK (These are right upthere with the HI-Z's with great clarity and micro details from end to end)
    4. GranVela/Mrice/Baldoor E100 (excellent "live" soundstage covering the bass, mids, and high's almost in perfect harmony!)
    5. Edifier H185 (basically competes and matches the Yuin earbuds in sound alone)
    6. EarPods (by Apple)

    OVER-EAR (my personal budget champs!):

    Takstar HD2000 (closed back) (Note: You must purchase a pair of separate "velour ear pads with mesh screen" to get the best sound ever!) (Just change the vinyl ear pads to velour ear pads and also remove the foam cushion covering both speakers, but make sure the velour pads has a mesh screen on them when you purchase them for dust protection. Also, measure the ear cup size as well for the right size fit. So, what do you get after modding them? Excellent transparency with the mids and treble, incredibly wide soundstage and head stage, as well as clean and quick bass and sub-bass. They are very transparent after modding them and can easily be enjoyable for hundreds of dollars less than expected!)

    OVER-EAR (from favorite to least):

    1. ISK HP2011 (closed back) (soundstage is wide and clear with great resolution and extention on both ends for a "closed back" headphone. Has a natural airy life-like sound to them with excellent placement and transitioning of instruments and a feel of clarity and transparency to them, which makes them best for monitoring purposes)
    2. ISK MDH9000 (closed back) (soundstage is wide, big, and extremely clear from end to end with a broad bass response, excellent vocals and precise hi-end details that makes for the best DJ headphones I've ever experienced)
    3. ISK HD9999 (closed back) (soundstage is wide with a sense of openess, clarity and brightness with a crisp high-end. Has great acoustics and vocals just behind the ISK HP2011. They come with extra-thick vinyl pads for enhanced bass and regular pads for a flat sounding signature tended for monitoring purposes)
    4. ISK HF2010 (open back) (soundstage is big and clear with a nice deep bass presence with excellent life-like vocals and crystal clear highs, which makes for some of the best "budget priced" open cans on the market)
    5. BETOP BT-A50 (closed back) (best "SQ" sounding noise cancelling headphones I've heard by far)

    ON-EAR (from favorite to least):

    1. KO-STAR KHM-681 (closed) (DIY myself to sound like Momentums)
    2. AKG K412P (open back) (with slight modification for better SQ)
    3. Koss Porta Pro
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    XUAN-Zu Xz-u808 Hi-fi (Double Vacuum Tube) Headphone Amplifier

    LUXPRO DS-11 Headphone Amplifier with Sub-bass/Mid-bass Tone Control
    Source Inventory:
    Tsinghua Tongfang TF-R12 High Resolution Digital Audio Player/Voice Recorder with solid metal housing (160 hours of playtime per charge)

    Tsinghua Tongfang T&F-99 HD High Grade Digital Audio Player/Voice Recorder (200 hours of playtime per charge)

    Ruizu X02 Digital Player (updated version with custom EQ setting)

    Realtek HD Audio Manager (for Windows PC)
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Yamaha P95 Digital Piano with Yamaha's unique rare metal keyboard stand and chair
    Music Preferences:
    Any type of music that interest me.....too many to categorize.
    Xiaomi Redmi 2A (smart phone)
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