Sold: ZMF Pilot Pad - 1hr old
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Got this for my EMU-Teaks and found out quickly that it was too bulky and I had to max out the yokes to fit it on my head. Used it for less than an hour and put back in the box and it's sat in the closet for the last week. Gonna try something else so this can go now.

Only 1hr old but I noticed upon unboxing that there was a weird discoloration/spot in the leather about the size of a bean on the top side of the pad. There's also a slight ~2" long stretch in the leather on the opposite side. The bottom side that touches your head was perfect, and the inside with the velcro is the same...but full disclosure there are those two marks on the top of the band. Defects shown in the 2 closeup photos

Asking $25 via paypal (fees and priority box shipping included)
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Listed: 2021-03-26
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100+ Head-Fier
Good luck with sale!
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