Closed: ZMF Atrium Open Aged Cherry/Copper Magnesium Chassis + Extras
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Got impatient and wound up pulling the trigger on the Redwood Burl Atrium Open in my quest for the lightest Atrium and am listing these up for sale to put towards that pair. They’re in wonderful shape, can’t spot any imperfections.

Atrium Open Aged Copper w/Aged Cherry Finish

Magnesium Chassis

Standard leather headband & perforated Universe Pads

1/4 inch single ended and 4 pin balanced XLR cables

Extra pads: one is a ZMF Oval lambskin perforated & the other is a lambskin perforated pad that is slightly more angled than the Auteur pads. I’ll also throw in 2 extra brand new sets of pads that I have laying about, a Be2 Perforated Hybrid and an Auteur Lambskin Perforated.

Seahorse Case

Co-Pilot Pad

Original price: $2949.00 not including the extra pads&Co-Pilot

I’m not great with photos and chose the most well lit images I took, can also send lower light images in a PM should anyone request them.

Price is PayPal F&F shipped and insured in the CONUS. Can ship internationally no problem but the buyer will be responsible for the shipping.

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Listed: 2023-08-22
Last edited: 2023-09-23
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