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Up for sale is my ZMF Aeolus which I bought from a fellow headfier earlier this year. Asking for $1000 and I'll cover paypal fees and shipping to CONUS.

It was originally B-Stock. There was a crack on one of the cups which Zach had to fill. In my eyes, it just makes this one unique.

Other than that, it is missing the headband cover due to a misunderstanding on an order with Zach prior to the previous sale. I received the cups and had to assemble the headband and yokes which did not come with the headband cover. During that assembly, I accidentally spilled a drop of loctite on the suede pads. I did my best to remove it but it ended up as a scuff on the rear of one of the pads. There is also a small deformation on one of the filters in front of the drivers not sure how this happened. I am sure when you contact Zach to get the headband replaced you can ask for the filters as well if this bothers you. Does not seem to affect sound in any way.

These come in great condition with two cables. Standard audeze quarter inch and flat ZMF 3.5mm cables. In addition, it comes with both suede (universe?) pads and lambskin aeolus pads.

Mahogany is a very light wood so these only weigh ~434g. (Without the headband cover)

Feel free to PM me with any additional questions.


EDIT: It was pointed out to me that these may actually be sapele. (as listed on the card) However... the previous seller told me they were mahogany and I obviously do not know my wood. My apologies for the confusion. Going to follow up with previous owner about this to get more information.
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Listed: 2021-08-13
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