Sold: ZMF Aeolus Sapele + Extras
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Hello Head-Fi folks,

I'm selling my ZMF Aeolus, I'm second owner, had these for nearly a year I think, but unforutnately most of the time they were in the closet, because I couldn't get time for long listening sessions due to having quite high workload in past year or so and I just ended up using my trusty HD650's most of the time, which I can have just laying around on the table, use in whatever situation and not be super careful as one is with something like Aeolus.

Also today I kind of impulse bought Euphoria and I need to let some other audio gear go in exchange to fix my audio budget : )

Headphone comes with original pads and the Universe Seude as well, which I think most people will prefer as those provide more natural sound.

There is also sheepskin headrest which is only one I was using because it's big and there is no issue with headband pressure with this one.

Shipment costs and PayPal fees (additional 4%, in case of using BuyerProtection) should be covered by the buyer. Shipment from Czech Republic. Shipping ideally to Europe.

I'm happy to answer any questions.

Thanks, Lukas
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Listed: 2022-04-30
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