Closed: WTB ISN H50
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225.00 USD
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  1. United States of America
I love my ISN H40, but I have to try the new ISN H50! Willing to buy straight up, not sure what price what makes sense ... but the last two on here went for ~$225

I'm in the US and hope to keep it simple (buy and/or ship from the US as well).


Related: I thought my original ISN H40's were toast so I bought another set, but apparently my set just needed to have the filter grills replaced. So that means I have a mint, barely used (few weeks of use) set of ISN H40's (box, cable, accessories included) available.

If you have an ISN H50 and want try the ISN H40 this can also be a trade situation :)
Listed by: ChoppedBroccoli (1)
Listed: 2022-06-22
Found em, closing this out!