Sold: Unique Melody UM MEXT w/4.4mm cable
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Unique Melody UM MEXT in excellent condition. Original owner. Includes all original accessories, unused eartips. Cable is terminated in 4.4mm. Great IEMs, but just not a great fit for my smaller ears. Price includes FedEx shipping (ConUS only, please no requests otherwise) & PayPal F&F (please see my feedback). Not interested in trades/offers. Pics to be uploaded.
Listed by: rantng (266)
Listed: 2022-04-29
Last edited: 2022-06-19
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Will also consider a trade for the iBasso DX240.


100+ Head-Fier
Let me just say that your pictures are amazing and that you could be a hand model, a' la George Costanza. Really nice pictures. How did you take them?

Good luck with the sale. Oddly, I might actually be interested.... !


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I couldn't hold them with the oven mitts on. :wink: I believe these were taken with my iPhone. I keep forgetting to get some pics with the full kit.