Tube Amp Phast Headphone LTD SE
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I have for sale a tube headphone amplifier Phast Headphone LTD SE. It is made in Ukraine. Due to its construction, it is perfect for both low and high impedance headphones. The amplifier is based on EZ80, 2x6n6p and ECC88/6922/6DJ8 tubes. The amplifier is quite rare on the secondary market due to its quality to price ratio. Adjusting the sound to your own preferences is very easy and pleasant by changing tubes. The sound can be very fast and detailed by using for example tubes from the Simens or Telefunken families. It can also be warmer with tubes from Toshiba or Mullard family. I am also considering the sale of both EZ80 and 6922 tubes and this is a good opportunity to buy a device in a package with tubes (most of them NOS ~100% emission), for many years. Used in a pet/smoke-free environment. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me. The price mentioned is net to me. Buyer pays for shipping. I am open for trades. Let me know what you have.

The offer includes:
- Phast Headphone LTD SE tube headphone amplifier
- Set of tubes (2x6n6p, 1xEZ80 TUNGSRAM, 1xE88CC TESLA)

You can find some more details here:

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Listed: 2021-11-27
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