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Feeling the urge to try out some TOTL open-backs and do an extensive comparison with my ADX5000 and (newly received) Verite Open, for the pleasure of Head-Fi members, of course 😊

Here's a list of options. Prices are negotiable depending on condition and included accessories.

Very Interested (no particular order):
1) Rosson Audio RAD-0 - $1,700 (already owned these, the weight is a lot to handle but miss their tonality)
2) Meze Elite - $2,850
3) Abyss Diana Phi - $2,450
4) Abyss Diana v2 w/ DMS pads - $1,950
5) Final D8000 Pro - $2,500
6) T+A Solitaire P - $3,000

Not Interested:
1) Focal Utopia
2) Anything Audeze (except maybe the LCD-5, probably outside of my price range though)
2) Anything Kennerton
3) Anything HIFIMAN
4) Anything Stax (unfortunately, don't have the set-up to run Estats right now, otherwise I'd be all over this)
5) Anything Closed-Back or IEM (except maybe the DCA Stealth [I'm awaiting the Meze Lyric for demo so will pass on that for now])
6] Anything ZMF (already own a Verite Open and have previously owned all the other ZMF cans except the Eikon)
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Listed: 2021-12-27
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And if you do not want the ADX5000 please hit me up. :)

I love this headphone....the comfort, + the convincing/natural presentation, really makes it for me. Can't see myself selling this one but crazier things have happened haha


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