Sold: Thieaudio Monarch (Original) Great Condition
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Hello, I am selling my personal Thieaudio Monarch OG, in excellent condition. It sounds great and fits me quite comfortably as well, but I am in the process of selling off my entire collection of headphones/IEMs that are not electrostatics for consolidation purposes.

It is complete in box and I can provide the original purchase receipt, as I am the first owner and bought it brand new from

Shipping and fees included.

Please note that the finish is a little more blue than most Monarchs, but rest assured this is a Monarch and not a Clair - I had Thieaudio check by serial number and confirm this (can provide this unit's FR chart if necessary), and note the angle of the nozzles, they jut out more and angle further askew than the Clair's do.

There is a white scuff on the outer box that occurred during initial shipping, pic below. This is the 2.5mm version but comes with 4.4mm and 3.5mm adapters, shown in pics.

Thanks for looking!
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Listed: 2022-03-23
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