Sold: Takatsuki 300B Tubes
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I purchased these tubes from llamaluv a couple of years ago because I anticipated buying a 300B amp (Ampsandsound Red October). However, I ended up not purchasing that amp, so I never used the tubes. I never even opened the package. You can find the original listing here:

I am asking the same price and copied the original description and photos below:

"Excellent condition, has 300 hours on them. Bought new from authorized dealer in January. Will include receipt. Note, box lid is slightly damaged, but the box is made of something like balsa wood, so yea."

Thanks for looking. Feel free to send offer or questions.
Listed by: vgmusics (20)
Listed: 2024-06-02
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100+ Head-Fier
Hi llamaluv! Great to see a message from the original seller and from someone I bought them from so long ago. Times have been hard. Thanks for your comment.


100+ Head-Fier
PS llamaluv I think I met you in person at CanJam Socal a couple years ago. I think we were both waiting in line. At the time, I had dark curly hair and a pair of ZMF Verite Open Darkwoods around my neck (also for sale) and I think you said you bought a Caldera at the show. I acquired hyperacusis since then due to Covid, and can no longer use headphones, which was unfortunate and is still heartbreaking for me, but still hoping to go this year anyway. Hope you are well. What a great community.