Sold: Sparkos Aries Amplifier and Pre-Amplifier (Full Model)
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For those of you familiar with Sparkos op-amps, you already know how incredibly good they are in terms of power and sound quality. Sparkos hit it out of the park once again by coming out with a fully discrete solid state amplifier that punches well above its weight.

This single-ended amplifier easily competes against other solid states twice its price, and has an insanely low noise floor, even beating other amplifiers that are supposedly fully balanced. The display is customizable in terms of color scheme, and in addition to main volume control, you can also adjust the left or right channel volume. This is useful especially for those with hearing issues where one ear doesn't hear as well as the other.

The Sparkos Aries is a very well reviewed amplifier and has gotten great reviews from many reputable audio reviewers out there (ex. Sound News, Z Reviews, Passion for Sound, etc.). Zach from ZMF personally has used the Aries to help tune his headphones. I've used ZMF headphones with this amplifier and they pair incredibly well. If you have any sort of ZMF headphone, you should definitely give this amplifier a try. However, the great thing is - this amp works great with almost any set of headphones you throw at it except for the most power hungry of headphones (like a Susvara). Due to its impressive transparency, this amplifier integrates very well with tube pre-amps such as the Freya+ and Woo WA22.

It is transparent and lets your headphones sound they way they're supposed to sound - and yet retains a sense of excellent dynamics and musicality that is often lacking in other discrete amplifiers. It is not dry at all, and I personally feel this amp is superior to the Benchmark HPA4 (again, my opinion).

This model for sale is the full model that normally retails for $2995 which includes XLR inputs and outputs (in addition to RCA inputs and outputs) to serve as a pre-amp or a main amp . Keep in mind that this amplifier is single-ended only, despite the XLR ports.

Price includes shipping (for US) and PayPal fees. For international buyers, cost of shipping is not included. Power cable not included.
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Listed: 2022-03-27
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John Massaria

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which modules are installed SS3601 or SS2590?


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which modules are installed SS3601 or SS2590?

As per the website: "The main audio path is on the right hand side of the unit and consists of two pairs of our SS2590 discrete op amps that make up the input and output stages with the relay switched stepped attenuator in-between them. Our SS3601 and SS3602 discrete op amps handle the XLR inputs and drive the preamp outputs."

Here's the link for reference :) -


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Price drop - plus added option to ship to international buyers. Please note that an international buyer will assume cost of shipping and customs.


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Updated - final price at 1600! Looking to clear some space in my house and clearing out my inventory. It's an absolute steal at this price point for an incredible amplifier. Would love to see it find a good home.

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PM sent.


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Still available?

Bassic Needs

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Sold to me back in the day. PM.