Sold: Sony ZX-507 (Uncapped) + Dignis Leather Case
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I’ll likely regret selling this, but keeping my promise to myself about avoiding any kind of “collection” LOL. Single owner, excellent condition (less than 500 hours of use on 4.4mm out & less than 100 hours on 3.5mm out), purchased brand new; only used in/around house. This glass screen protector has been installed since the moment it was first unboxed. Includes original packaging and stock Sony dust plugs that came with this model.

****I’ll eat the PayPal fee and also pay for insured USPS shipping, again only for United States address tied to PayPal account.****

***Payment via PayPal. I am only interested in shipping this to someone with a PayPal confirmed UNITED STATES address. I’m sorry, I simply do not want to deal with international shipping, and I **will not** ship to an address that is not tied to your PayPal account (e.g. a package forwarder) ***

Listed by: feverfive (20)
Listed: 2021-05-11
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