SONY SCD 1 (sometimes no disc error)
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being sold for parts/not working

actually still does work sometimes but other times get the "no disc" that these players are known for (no loud noises or anything just sometimes tries for a while before the "no disc")

sacd rarely gets "no disc" but do have tendency to stop for a few seconds during playing before resuming (tried both single/hybrid layer)

redbook gets "no disc" frequently (update 11/27 have been using it the past few days with redbook only gotten "no disc" once in several times of using it and turning off/on again fixed that) but dont really stop once playing (even if the disc is scratched up)

seems to work more frequently after a few tries/being turned on for a while

not sure if the laser needs to be replaced or the transport just needs to be lubed but i cant do it and got another smaller player (scd x501/ta f501 set) so letting this one go

in really nice cosmetic condition with only flaws being on the bottom with a few marks as the back corner being scraped a bit (see pictures)

someone with parts/know how should refurbish this unit so it can be a pristine player all the time

comes with player and stabilizer and power cord and remote and manual and original box (though not original packaging replaced that with foam for safer shipping)

will be double boxed but prefer local pickup in seattle area

thank you!

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Listed: 2021-11-20
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