Sony SA-3000 headphones
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Hi there,

Up for sale Sony SA-3000 Monitor Studio headphones (Over the Ear) in a good condition with a new Sommer cable SC-Albedo MKII and Neutrik gold headphones connector.

I'll also add a new pads.

Those are a great and fun headphones with extended frequency response : 8 -100,000 Hz.

Not recommended for heavy basshead, more for studio use, monitoring and a music balanced experience.

The price is 350 US.

I'll consider a trade on used AMD Ryzen 5 5600x with motherboard and willing to add more $ on good ram.

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Listed: 2021-04-15
Last edited: 2022-08-01
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Hi, what's the cable length on these?


100+ Head-Fier
If you're not interested in trades then please change your listing from sale/trade to just sale. That way people don't waste time looking at your ad and contacting you.