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Help me upgrade.

I'm selling my Gen 1 WA22 so I can buy a Gen 2 version. It looks and sounds great. It will come shipped in the original box. I've changed the Blue LED out to Orange, to better match the tube glow. I'm including the Rhodium XLR plugs as well. I don't know how many hours the tubes have, but they work great

2x Westinghouse 6080
2x Sylvania 6SN7
1x Shuang 274B

$1150 shipped in the US

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Listed: 2022-09-09
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Previously known as 69mustang
Can this drive stuff like the LCD 5, or DCA Stealt? Thanks!
While I am sure it will "drive" the headphones, you might run out of volume or bass control because of the low impedance of those 2 headphones. I couldn't tell you for sure, as I have not tried out either of those headphones, or any Planar on this amp.

I use it with my ZMF Atrium and love it.


Previously known as 69mustang
Can the wa22 be used as preamp?
On the Gen 1 you'd have to use a 1/4" to stereo adapter and run it from the headphone out to your preamp amplifier. This is not the most elegant solution, but it works. If you need dedicated preamp outputs, the Gen 2 is the model to get.

edit: I meant to write "amplifier" and not "preamp"
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